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Can the new Venom and Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man) put aside their differences to help save a man from himself?

Plus Betty Brant, crusading blogger and gal pal to Flash Thompson may be onto the secrets behind the infestation kicking off this summer’s Spider-Blockbuster!

Rick Remender (X-FORCE) joins Tony Moore (FRANKEN-CASTLE) and Tom Fowler (I AM AN AVENGER) for the next crucial chapter in the life of Flash Thompson!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Tony Moore, Tom Fowler & Danny Miki
Colors by John Rauch
Cover by Tony Moore

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. I really dig this title. I noticed that they reprinted #2, and they also re-released #1, packaged with ASM #654.1 and parts of 654. Either they’re hoping that Spider-Island creates more interest in the title, or they’re getting more buzz around this book. I’m hoping that means it will make to 12 issues, or at least end properly, at the conclusion of an arc.

    If you like Remender’s writing but you haven’t tried this, the reprints offer a great way to catch up on this title, and I highly recommend that you check it out. The first trade has already been solicited for fall, so you can also wait until then, if you’re a trade-waiter. 

  2. What’s a Venom Spi?

  3. @VichusSmith: I’m guessing it means Spider-Island tie-in. Like when all of the Avengers-related titles had FEAR after the name. The solicit I read for this over at Marvel’s site really pushed the ASM & Spider-Island connections. Cheers.

  4. Venom is selling very well, it’s in no danger of being canceled and will easily see 12 issues.

  5. Ugh Spider-Man tie in…unwanted!!!


  7. @rix0r  I agree with your views and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  8. This series is awesome! I’m in for the long haul

  9. Dear God, I keep checking out more and more Marvel titles here, and I get much more of a good feeling reading about them than most – if not ALL – of the DCnU books coming out…

    Could I soon be re-living the “Marvel zombie” days of my youth?  (and would that be such a bad thing come September?)

  10. I am reallying enjoying this Venom/FLash dynamic and can’t wait for more.

  11. This title didn’t ship to either of the comic stores near my house! Did this happen to anyone else?

  12. Glad to see this book getting some recognition!!

  13. @Benjerimiah I’m in the Midwest and Diamond shorted the stores in my area. They didn’t receive this, and my usual shop told me that Diamond wasn’t willing to promise that they would ever get their complete order. Very odd, and disappointing.

  14. can’t say i enjoyed this or felt any emotion connection for this issue. The trope of the abusive drunk dad, helpless victim mother and approval seeking son is a bit too cliche for me and i feel i’ve seen that movie a few hundred times. 

    I liked this series better when it was a straight up Spec Ops superhero adventure. If this is going to turn into a relationship character study about daddy issues, then its no longer for me. 

    The Art was really great.  

  15. Speaking of Diamond short-shipping stores, I’m hearing that’s it’s becoming more widespread. I’m hoping for an article addressing the issue from our fearless iFanboy investigative journalists! 

  16. Yeah, I’m from the southeast, so we must have got the bum rap from diamond as well.

  17. Was it my imagination or was Flash sporting artificial legs a few issues back of ASM?

  18. I’ve been on since issue 1 and I never excpected this series which has delivered some brilliant action to top itself with such a somber, realistic tale. It made me cry. Seriously. Then I though “oh, I’m just tearing up because he’s in a wheelchair which makes it easier to feel bad” but I went back and imagined that last page as though flash could walk and it made no difference. The waterworks still kinda opened up. Great pick of the week from the IFanboy crew, though Criminal narrowly edged this one out for me. I’m a sucker for that series

  19. This has been a good series so far and it looks like next issue things are gonna get wierd.

    Just sayin’

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