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VENOM #13.2

• Hell is spreading across the Earth from out of Las Vegas.

• Ghost Rider is responsible but what price is she willing to pay to save mankind?!

• X-23, Venom & Hulk must defeat their worst enemies, buying Ghost Rider time to stop hell’s march across the globe!

• As a clone, X-23 has often wondered if she has a soul. This is where she gets her answer!

• Who is Ichor and why has he targeted Venom for Death?!

Story by Rob Williams
Art by Sana Takeda
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Stefano Caselli & Frank Martin

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. It is kinda sad the this closure for X-23 isn’t going to be written by Liu.

  2. First two issues have been pretty awesome, hopefully this’ll continue in .3!

  3. A very expensive month in Venom-land, but the various titles that are ending will offset that (next month-ish).


  4. that’s some… interesting… anatomy

  5. Really enjoying the story. Wacky supernatural fun in the vein of Aaron’s Ghost Rider run.

  6. The art felt out of place in this book. It was also very inconsistent from panel to panel.

  7. I love Sana Tekada’s Art. She was made to draw X-23.
    They should have added some fine print to the huge X-23 returns in march on the last page…. for one stinkin issue :*(
    still pretty broke up about that!

  8. I have liked the story so far but the art in this issue just wasn’t for me. Also I kinda wish they just had this come out once a month not every week. I am starting to get a little burnt out all this Venom plus now he is going to be in Secret Avengers it might be a little to much for me.

  9. I hate to say it, but this issue feels like filler. I really liked the first two installments and decided to keep reading, but this is only okay.

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