“KILLED, NOT DEAD,” PART 1 Guest-starring Deadpool! Herman Goncharenko lies at death’s door, wasting away of cancer, but someone wants him killed, not dead. Someone desperate enough to hire a certain mouthy mercenary to do the job. Gonchrenko’s only hope just might be the reformed Moon Knight – if he’s able to withstand the force of nature known as Deadpool, and if Goncharenko is, indeed, worth saving.

WRITER: Gregg Hurwitz
PENCILS: Tan Eng Huat
COVER BY: Mike Choi

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Deadpool.. ugh. Another step closer to dropping this now that Opeña is done.

  2. I loved the first arc and Opena rocked… But i also have been very pleased with EVERYTHING Huat has done so i will give this a shot. 

  3. I seriously LOVE the Moon Knight character. Despite all the overcomplications, revisions, bad storylines, and so on. But Deadpool is the WORST. No idea why this character is appearing in every damn book lately. Is Marvel seeding this to push forward a potential film opportunity or something? No one I talk to likes Deadpool. But I have to buy this issue anyway because it’s MK. Damn it.

  4. This is the perfect example of how deadpool kills a book and its momentum. 

  5. well this is certainly the best thing I’ve seen Tan Eng Huat draw.  unmasked humans are the only thing that doesn’t look amazing in this book.

    storywise, it’s an interesting if not basic premise that appears to be driving this two part arc.  Deadpool works in this story as the token MU mercenary.  if you pretend he isn’t in three or four or however many books, his appearance isn’t too much of a detractor.

  6. @ABirdseysView –  I agree.  I think this issue showed the correct way that Deadpool can be used as a character.  There was only one scene the felt like it was forced into the story in order to pull off the "joke" that is Deadpool’s trademark.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this issue after bracing myself to be disappointed.  

  7. MrWrong is totally Right. Deadpool as a guest star worked extremely well. I have NO idea or reason to dislike what Opena is doing other than the cookie-cutter gripe that is Deadpool’s many appearances in other books. Will I let that bother me? Hell no. This is a universe all in its own. Why should other books influence what I think about this one?

    As far as I’m concerned if they keep up writing Deadpool in this way and not in the "inconsistent Schizo" he is in his core titles then fine by me. This is the character I remember and their dynamic interactions may have been short but they were captivating to say the least.

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