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  1. I almost gave the first issue my POTW, but the second one I found very boring.  If this doesn’t wow me, it’s going to have to get dropped.

  2. @Slockhart: Agreed on the second issue. What a disappointing drop off.

  3. I actually liked the second issue. True, it wasnt as good as the first, but I enjoyed seeing the supporting cast get reintroduced, and I liked seeing the Profile come back.

  4. Every arc seems to have at least one issue that just isn’t up to par.  Let’s hope that the second issue was the only one.  The art i’ve seen from this book looks incredible, I’d hate to find that the writing didn’t live up to it.

  5. Issue 2’s ”Crazy Batman vs Crazy Superman” was underwhelmi. If it wasn’t for Jerome Opena and Leinil Yu I would have dropped this already. 

  6. Wow… I guess I was the only one who enjoyed the second issue more. Interesting. Looking forward to this one.

  7. Has anyone seen the preview art for this? Goorrgeeeouusss.

  8. I’ve loved both issues, great pace and awesome artwork.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed both issues, looking forward to this one too.

  10. Between the Scarecrow villain and the sign for the asylum, it’s almost like they WANT Moon Knight to be seen as a Batman rip off.

  11. WTF? Why do they keep screwing this character up? Slockhart is spot on with this. I showed a page to my wife (who knows and cares nothing about comics), pointed to a picture and said, "Who is this?" Without any hesitation, she identified this character as Scarecrow from the Batman movie. And they are only three friggin issues in, and they have to dig up Bushman already? Are they out of fresh ideas after only three issues? I tell you, I am angry at most of the comics I got this week for being so mediocre, and this one gets my vote for DOTW (Disappointment of the Week). GRRRR!

  12. On the other hand, the art IS fantastic.

  13. I thought this issue was a vast improvement over #2. Moon Knight’s got a lot to deal with now.

  14. I was a bit irked by the scarecrow-esque villian a well, but quite liked this issue.  Opena is awesome, and i’m intrigued to see Moon Knight deal with all those lunatics.

  15. And dropped!!!!!

  16. @Bryce31


  17. I still think this is more Moon Knight goodness.

  18. I’m in this more for the art than anything else. THe story is acceptable. Once/If Opena leaves, my opinion might change depending on who replaces him

  19. I fricken loved this issue my first 5 star book! The art was gorgeous and the writing OMG! We have a man on the verge of a total breakdown he is barely keeping it together then the Hood revives Bushman and its on! Yeah you might be able to compare this to Arkham Asylum or Knightfall, but we knew Batman would never break his will, with Moon Knight you don’t know whats going to happen next the dudes a wild card. Hurwitz and Opena have amped this book up to 11. Total bad ayass wicked awesome!

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