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As the members of Cyberforce lay dying from a fatal techno-virus, their only hope for survival is their teammate Velocity. Carin Taylor has never been more in need of her super-speed as the races around the globe, trying to find and cure her teammates before the same virus kills her.

Written by Ron Marz
Art and cover by Kenneth Rocafort

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%


  1. I’m having a hard time finding the first issue. Everyone sold out!

  2. good luck tracking it down.  In the meantime you should check out the Cyberforce/Hunter Killers TPB if you haven’t already.  Great Rocafort art and an entertaining story by Mark Waid!

    After I read Velocity #1, I felt the need to immediately go out and buy Cyberforce/Hunter Killers.  Anyone else share a similar experience?

  3. was Cyberforce/Hunter Killer easy to understand with little to no prior knowledge of those teams?

  4. @TexasZombie-Yes, very much so.  Everything necessary about both teams pasts was explained within the first two issues.  I had no previous knowledge of either team and thoroughly enjoyed it.  there might be some subtle things that may have gone over my head, but plot/story wise I was never really confused.

  5. its about time this is coming out.  Can’t wait.

  6. Phew! The whole time I thought this was wildstorm! They’re safe

  7. picked up 1 and 2 this weekend at a comic con in st. louis as well as the cyberforce/hunter killer hardcover

  8. Di di you guys like this issue? I thought the first was allright but not great…

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