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Inspector Ishida makes his long-awaited return in this classic-style whodunit!

Ishida and the rabbit ronin are escorting a killer to trial when a storm forces them to take refuge at a roadside inn. The inn’s other guests include a court noble and his entourage, a paper merchant and his daughter, and a quiet samurai, all driven there by the rains. When one of them is murdered during the night, it’s up to Inspector Ishida and Usagi to solve the mystery.

Fan-favorite character Inspector Ishida returns in a new, two-part mystery!

“Sakai’s art has never looked better, and the stories offer almost universal appeal and even the occasional history lesson.” – Comic Book Resources’s Top 100 comics of 2010 list

By Stan Sakai

Price: $3.50
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  1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Usagi Yojimbo so I’m giving this two-issue arc a shot.  I hope this is a solid jumping on point.

  2. Oh yeah they are easy to pick up and get into. This book is in away a more all age version of Johna Hex style of comic.

  3. I really want to start reading Usagi Yojimbo on a monthly bases, but I’d like to start where the Trade collections will cut off. The current TP brings the series up to issue 116, and this issue is 139. Would this arc be a good place to jump on board?

    I’ve just devoured the first two Usagi TPs, and am in love with it. Time to get on board the series I think.

  4. @TheAdventurer:  I think so, the last arch was about 6+ issue had Usagi deal with “The Red Scorpian Gang”, which he put a end to last issue.

    And if not, well you got a long ways togo when it comes to the trades. So it’s not like it would hurt that much to have doubles of a story. 

  5. @theAdventurer @texasZombie – I just want to say welcome aboard to Usagi Yojimbo. I’ve been reading it regularly for the last three issues and have gone back and read much of the earlier material. It’s hands down one of my favorite consistently good series.

    @JoeCom – with regards to your Jonah Hex comparison, I’m always saying the same thing to convince people to try Usagi Yojimbo, but I’m always amazed at the low pull numbers.

  6. * I meant YEARS. Not issues.

  7. Last issue was so good, Usagi helping to perform seppuku was pretty hardcore for a comic book about a Samurai bunny, gots me hooked.

  8. @Franktiger  Oh yeah, when people see a bunny samurai, they think that means this is a kids book, not knowing it’s all ages.
    Sure they don’t have gratuitous use of blood during fights and deaths are a little played down, but still there is a lot of killing/death going on in this book.
    Oddly enough, the first books actually has some fairly graphic fight scenes.

  9. This was a really fun issue. Love the closed door mystery.

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