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Cheated out of the two hundred gold coins he was promised for staying out of a gang war, Kato has been hunting for Usagi for weeks, believing the “treacherous, long-eared ronin” to have stolen the money from him. However, a gang of cutthroats is after Kato, thinking he already has the fortune. All three meet high in the mountains at Blood Tree Pass.

By Stan Sakai

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  1. Haven’t read #128 yet, so I’m looking forward to the ‘double-dose’. 

    I like that this will tie-in to a character from five issues ago(#125).  I really enjoyed that story, and as JoeCom said way back in that issues comments, I was surprised we hadn’t seen a take on director Kurosawa’s "Yojimbo" until now.  If anyone reading this book hasn’t seen that movie, it is highly recommended!  (as well as any other samurai movies from the Criterion DVD collection)

  2. I’m sadden that this series does not get more pulls. Its great

  3. @cyberauron – Same old story on both accounts.

  4. Yea, it’s a shame. I guess consistent greatness doen’t sell.

  5. @Bendrix: Very true. 

    Maybe if Deadpool was on the cover it would sell out and be reprinted 5 times.

  6. @Jwaesch: I’d love to see a Usagi Take on The Seven Samurias, that would be epic.

  7. @joecom – you seriously just blew my mind with that idea!  I literally got the chills!  

    Also, I would love to see/hear a conversation between Usagi and Deadpool.   Wait…nevermind.  I thought there might be a funny joke there, but that would just be absolutely horrible.

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