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The rabbit ronin’s warrior pilgrimage brings him to a new town, with new friends and new threats, in this standalone tale!

Having returned to the road, a rainstorm sends Usagi in search of shelter. Finding a town, Usagi meets Taro, a young maker of tera tera bozu-dolls that children construct to ensure good weather. Little Taro hangs one up on the eaves so that he and his new long-eared friend can play in the morning. The next day may turn out to be fine, but the night could be a killer.

* Tera Tera Bozu part 1 (of 1)

By Stan Sakai

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  1. 30 pulls. It’s a shame.

  2. yes, it is a shame.  More people should read this, I think they would be pleasantly suprised. 

    I hope its not too much of a stretch, but I would recommend this to anyone that likes Jonah Hex.  Eventhough the characters’ morals and actions can vary considerably, the books have a similar feel.

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to read this before this week’s podccast, but if a good review of this title made its way onto the podcast perhaps more people might check it out?

  3. This was a great stand alone. Got me going until I figured it out. And the last page was disturbingly awesome.

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