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  1. Should be a "bloody" good issue.

  2. I can’t put my finger on why, but this just isn’t clicking with me. Unless this completely blows me away, I’m out after this.

  3. I’m about to reread 1-3 so I can get everything out of this issue.

  4. i jumped on at 3 so and im trying to track down the first 2. im still undecided on the series though and whether or not im gonna come back.

  5. @Patman2: I remember the first issue totally just blew my socks off, it’s totally worth the hunt!

  6. The last issue put us into a very interesting position. This should be great.

  7. I think every issue has been good although I’m really expecting this series to take off now

  8. Just re-read issues 1-3. Blew my mind. Can’t wait til i get money to buy my pulls this week.

  9. I just wanna know why Lizzie is dressed for the club.

  10. remember when I said I was unsure about this series? well this Issue sold it for me, I’m in. I especially liked that map of all the places great stories were conceived, a little piece of awesomeness for english majors like me.

  11. This series has been very good and has bumped a bit against the greatness barrier.  I would have liked a bit more clarity in this first arc.

  12. Other than Tommy Taylor, I sort of lost track of who everyone was. Regardless, this book keeps getting better with each issue. Easily my pick of the week.

  13. Ba da ba ba bah, i’m lovin’ it. After reading my pull it’s the one book i always think about.

  14. Holy…wow. This was by far the best issue of the book. Everything flowed perfectly and kept me on my toes. I loved the "Oh, thank God the police are here…phew….OH SHIT." moment, as well as the moment at the very end with the familiar. Wow. This is definitely the front runner for POW at this point. 5/5.

  15. Yeah, best issue yet!

  16. This was Fantastic. I was down on the book before this issue. A major improvement

  17. I love this series, but I actually think this was the weakest issue.  We spend issue 3 explaining the different kinds of horror and then go for the least cerebral version in the payoff issue.  By hitting all the ‘classic’ slasher MOVIE tropes, we do the written horror genre a disservice.  Anyway, series is still great for me.  I just didn’t care for 22 pages of hack/slah. 

  18. Carey is the master of horror/fantasy.

  19. the "here be monsters" bit on the cover has me really excited – love where this is going and looking forward to reading this, glad I jumped on this series at issue 1!

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