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In “On to Genesis” part 3 of 4, Tom goes to extreme measures to get to the truth about his father’s activities in 1930s New York – but it’s in the present day that the biggest revelations hit, when Tom comes face-to-face with a golden age Super Hero.

Written by MIKE CAREY

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  1. I think I’ll finish this arc and switch to trades. I love the stories, but I always forget what happened in the last issue…

    • this book always comes out on time and we still forget what’d happened. That’s a compliment. The number of intrinsic developments and complex undulations cause this STML indication.

  2. These covers continue to truly great. They are big reason why I have not switched to trade. Even though they generally collect the covers, it is not close to the same experience as getting them month by month.

    • This cover is stunning. I like to read this series in chunks, but I just let the single issues pile up for a few months. The covers are just too damn pretty to switch over.

  3. Yeah it is better to read 4 to 5 issues at a time. I am going to re-read the first 12 issues again. Because I am always finding new stuff I missed the first time. Oh yeah. Unwritten is still one of the top 5 comics going on.

  4. I love this book but they are really stringing these out. This whole arc could have been resolved in one or two issues, same goes for the moby dick arc. This book used to much faster paced with some really nice breaks thrown in but it really feels like its dragging now. I think I’m back to trades.

  5. Quietly one of the best books on the stands every month.

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