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Don’t miss this tale of power plays and double-bluffs that takes readers into the inner council of Tom’s enemies. Uncover their dark past and violent present. Wilson Taylor is dead, but how did the 14th book get hijacked? Why is Tom still alive? And whose head is going to roll for it?

Written by MIKE CAREY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Still recovering from the last issue. I will read this one while still bathing in its warm afterglow.

  2. After how good the last few issues have been, how can I not NOT buy this?

  3. This book continues to get better and better! This might not only be Mike Carey and Peter Gross at their best, but at the industry’s best. If I’m able I think this will be my first review.

  4. Just finished this, and dear good was it great. made my potw

  5. Very interesting. I’m starting to wonder what "unwritten" means.

  6. Another solid issue and almost my potw.

  7. So does anyone know what the significance of the Roman numerals was? Just signifying that it was time for a new leader?

  8. @Bornln- This is the issue where you find out what "unwritten" means.

  9. WOW I think this was my favorite issue of the series yet!  It was great getting to see the workings of the bad guys here.  Totally looking forward to more exploration of their history and rituals.  Also, this looks like a real big turning point for Tom as a character, more so than any other point so far in the series.  Can’t wait for next month!

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