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New storyline! Tom Taylor is back in London hoping to connect with his father at the launch of his new novel. But he’s not the only one: The Cabal has sent their hit man to kill Wilson Taylor if he appears. And as other monsters converge on Tom, he starts to realize that he’s walked into not one trap but two…

Written by MIKE CAREY

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  1. Yes! Back in London!

  2. I want more disgruntled cursing rabbit.

  3. How about a disgruntled, cursing JK Rowlings? That would be good comics.

  4. Love this series.

  5. More disgruntled cursing rabbit would be fun, really loved the last issue. Can’t wait to see where the new storyline takes us. UnWritten is becoming a series I enjoy and can’t wait to pick up each month

  6. Last issue was the best one yet. And to be frank I’d prefer if there was less wandering about, and more of that (eg: The Rudyard Kipling one too). We’ve been led around in the dark for much too long at this stage.

  7. I think the main plot needs to be less secretive and let us in on a few things. Its one thing to be mysterious and wimsical but its getting kind of annoying at this point. Perhaps Indigo-1 will drop in and tell us whats going on

  8. Idk whether to continue with this series. I love it but Im under the impression that I would love it more if I was getting it in trades.

  9. @cyberauron I thought the same thing. I was so ready to drop the book in favor of trades. Unfortunately, I read the last two issues and couldn’t imagine not reading this every month. I’ll probably end up buying the deluxe hardcovers if they ever get around to printing them. I just can’t live with myself if I drop this for trades but still read Robinson’s JLA. Even that would be too messed up for my tastes.

  10. Wow.  This was excellent.  I liked every plot point in this issue.  I’m eager to see where this is heading.

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