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Barely clinging to sanity and hunted by Karamojong cattle raiders, Moses finds himself physically and psychologically under siege in a hidden village of the exiled and deformed – a village that may very well exist only in his mind.


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  1. I love this series, and I was sorry to hear that issue #25 would be its last. On the other hand, knowing the series is going to wrap up in the next five issues, I’m even more excited than usual to see what happens next. This will be at the top of my stack.

  2. It’s always at the top of mine. I might just include a bitter U.S. reference in every post I make on this site from now on. Bummed. 

  3. @HailScott-you should do that, Spread the word.

  4. So pissed about this getting axed. It felt like Ponticelli was really starting to get rolling on this title. Regardless of any bitter feelings about the cancellation, this has been a excellent book and I will keep a lookout for anything from Dysart and Ponticelli after issue 25. 

  5. wow. Brilliantly designed cover. Easily in the running for cover of the week. 

  6. Only 6 issues left… this is sad.

  7. It’s sad to see it ending, but to me it’s great that at least this volume of the title keeps up the high standard expected of the name, and didn’t "dilute the brand" if you’ll excuse the marketing-speak. Better a limited run of high quality than 600 issues of schlock, imho. I bought the entire run in comic book form just to support the title, since it was always one of my favorites. (A quick look-up on google just reminded me that I never bought the Ennis run, must’ve needed to eat that week.) Not sure how the trades have been selling and don’t know about HC, but I’m hoping this run continues to be viewed as a good story, well told, on a classic DC war title. Not always an easy task. Bravo to Dysart, et al.

    I totally agree with the folks who’ve mentioned the graphic design of the covers. The covers have a great sense of design, and a contemporary look not seen often enough in current comics. It will be missed. And it was consistently great. Well worth the 3 bucks.

  8. Even though it’s not good news this is ending soon, I’d rather 25 solid issues with a good story & actual end point, than have it go on & on until it gets pointless & unreadable. 

    I’m shocked that a story with this subject matter got 25 issues. 

  9. To be honest, when I first starting picking up this series I thought it was just going to be one 6-issue mini series.  So when issue 7 came out I was rather surprised.  Glad I stuck with it though.  I didn’t really expect it to go as far as it did.  I was thinking maybe 16 to 18 issues.  After this wraps up I’ll have to go hunt down some older runs of Unkown Soldier.

  10. AFAIK, the older Unknown Solider series have little to do with this one besides the name and a guy wrapped in bandages.

  11. @bendrix-but are they any good?

  12. @jwaesch One mini-series is by Garth Ennis, so it probably will not completely suck. For the original series, no idea.

  13. This was a damn powerful issue!

    It was interesting in these last two issues how the voice and Moses communicated with each other to the point of being there for each other like a two-man team.  It actually made me think of Haunt in way, and made me glad that I dropped it. This just goes to show that similar plot devices work much better when the story itself is much better.

  14. I just watched the Karamoja, Uganda’s Cattle War documentary on youtube: and it wraps up perfectly this intense and gritty issue of this amazing and important series.

  15. How in the hell is this getting cancelled? Every issue is better than the last. 

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