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  1. holy shit.

    I, uh…I may need to buy this.


  2. @Diabhol- Why holy shit?

  3. Anyone wanna fill me in on why you are pulling this book? Not that I think you shouldn’t, but because I am genuinely interested.

  4. @Ruo21 – cos I’ve read a preview and it was awesome 🙂

  5. I love the concept of the Unknown Soldier — I hope this is good.

  6. Preview hooked me in, definitely gonna check it out.

  7. This was pretty good.  It felt like two kinds of story wrapped together into one.  Had the deep understanding of a deep world understanding doc flick and the action of a blockbuster flick.  Weird at first to read them side by side but good stuff.

  8. @CharlieBlix: Did you also felt that the book was a little fast paced and that some parts could left out?

  9. Not really because I came into it thinking there was going to be a lot of slow parts explaining what was/is going on over there and I got that in some parts.  Thats why it  blew me away when the action parts happened.  I’m hooked for this one.  Can’t wait.

  10. Brutal stuff.  Very good.  Quick like Blix mentioned.

    Had a bit of a Punisher: Born kinda feel.

  11. This wasa great 1st issue. Not sure whether to stay on issues or wait for the trades though.

  12. Awesome stuff.

    PS – Fast paced is a GOOD thing.

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