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vadamowens06/14/09NoRead Review


  1. I like this book so far but there seems to be a lot of emphasis on Catherine’s breasts for some reason. It doesn’t really make sense with the art style.

  2. @heroville.  did you notice the bump on her breast?  I thought she had lymphatic cancer.  It’s kind of mis-leading.

  3. Issue #1 was good fun. Looking forward to this.

    PS – Emphasis on breasts might be your own perception? 😛 Either way, it isn’t always a bad thing.

  4. Picked this up on a whim, and I’m hooked.  Definately getting the next issue.

  5. #1 was intriguing, but this issue was OUTSTANDING. So much more going on here than I anticipated. People are going to be all over this when it hits trade.

  6. This mini is WAY better than I expected it to be. I really like these characters & would read this as an ongoing. What a cliffhanger last page!!

  7. agreed, this mini is way better than I expected. the 1st issue was kind of average for me but this has got me hooked. excellent issue.

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