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‘UNDYING LOVE,’ Part Three

After saving himself from the vampire curse, John Sargent races to rescue Mei. But there are others after the girl and they will stop at nothing to capture her.


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  1. That has been excellent so far.

  2. Yeah man!! 😀 

    Is it just me or has this series not been getting the recognition it deserves from the critical and fan community at large?
    It really seems like I haven’t been hearing much about it. This series is fantastic.

  3. This series answers questions that I didn’t know I had like “What methods do the Chinese use to deal with vampires?”

  4. @Shonen – I’ve heard very little from…well…anybody on this book. I hope it gets picked up and taked about, because this is bloody great fun.

    @Poz – Best line so far was in #1 “Whoever wrote the book on killing vampires had obviously never tried shooting them with an automatic weapon.”

  5. Nice to see fans on this site. I think it has just got lost in the sea of vampire books atm, but this is really a different beast altogether and exceedingly well written and drawn to boot. 24 pulls. 🙁

    I was wondering, nothing suggests it’s a limited series, although I hope so; is it an ongoing?

  6. @MacAoidh  Been wondering that myself.  It’s very good so far though weather or not it’s continuing or limited I think there is a lot of fun still to be had.

  7. This series has been awesome…I’m looking forward to this issue above all others this week!

  8. Let’s spread the word on how great this series is, guys!
    I hear you, MacAodih; 24 pulls is a crime.

    I totally hope this is an ongoing. This last issue, like the first two, had moments in it that have stuck with me on both a visual and narrative level long after reading them. 

  9. @ShonenRafa77  Sadly I think this is only 5 or 6 issues in total.

  10. @TexasZombie99
    My friend, I sure hope not 🙁
    You know what gives me hope that this might not be the case, though?
    The recently released Image September 2011 solicitations list and “UNDYING LOVE” VOL. 1 TPB containining issues 1-4 as one of its products.

    It doesn’t seem to me that the next issue (issue 4) is going to be any sort of conclusion (nor the last issue), so maybe this means it’s going beyond 4 issues?
    Might the “VOL. 1” itself be indicative of plans to go beyond a four issue mini??? 

  11. @Shonen – Saw that and thought the same. Hope you’re right.

  12. @ShonenRafa77  Hey, that is good news!  I thought this issue was especially awesome, the blood/gore factor was off the charts!  Good to know the origin of how the two met up as well.

  13. Boo! I missed it. Sold out before I got there.  Have to get there earlier next.  Gonna see if they can order me one.

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