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The exciting comic based on the hit PS3 video game continues! Forced to team up with their rivals, Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer fight back against the Smoking Gods deep in the bowels of the Earth! But once they find the treasure they’ve been seeking, should they take it?

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  1. You know I don’t play the video game but my son does (and loves it)……So I tried this and its been really a lot of fun ……a lot of non stop action…It would make a fun cheesy movie.

  2. It’s generally understandable that people skip tie-in comics, but this one has really been a ton of fun.

  3. This was a breazy read that went by in a flash; it’s almost all action. I will say this… It is really well paced and the sparse dialog is perfectly placed – a lesson in letting the images tell the story, punctuated by dialog that gives you just a little bit of what’s going on inside the character’s minds.

    • It really captures the “voice” of the characters from the games too. Not sure if the writer of this is the writer on the games, but he certainly knows his characters.

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