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Prison break!

Featuring the Avengers!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land
Cover by Greg Land

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  1. I went subscription on this.

    I’m following mutant books again, in this year of AvX.


  2. A pretty nice to to hop back in if I don’t say so myself. Also, while I’m a land non-fan, that cover is pretty badass.

    • I’m gonna keep saying it until it becomes the conventional wisdom — Land is doing better work on this book these days.

      It’s not amazing art in any larger sense, but in general I think we’re seeing more actual illustration from him.

      The kneejerk haters are still somewhat justified, but the overall level of hate should probably come down a notch or two.

  3. prison break? the avengers?

    wtf happened to tabula rasa?

    • That’s the solicitation text for #9. The one for #8 says:

      • The Conclusion Of Tabula Rasa!
      • Namor Does The Unthinkable To Save The Day

  4. I would agree that Land seems to have improved a bit or Gillen has learned how to use him or something. But faces are still a serious issue. Work on your faces, Greg. Especially your creepy porn woman face. As far as I can tell, he just does the one female face. If two female characters have the same hair and are out of costume… well… good luck telling Dazzler from Emma from a Cuckoo from Illyana. If you would just work on this one thing, Greg, I promise to give you much future slack.

    • couldn’t finish the last issue cuz the art was bugging me, will have to pull the book again once land leaves

    • I agree, his faces have always been the thing I really dislike about Land and they are still pretty bad…..I have a problem with a lot of the poses he chooses as well but I do think he’s improved in that department a little bit.

  5. A good finish to a so-so arc. Looking forward to Pacheco coming back next time.

  6. I’m not big on talking bad about comics. I tend to stick with the “if I don’t have anything nice to say…” but this series has been awful & this issue was it at it’s worst. To try & start with some positivity, I enjoyed the scenes between Psylocke & Magneto, I enjoyed the tie in to the .1 issue of Uncanny X-Force & Magneto returning the favor. However, the way Namor was handled was awful & just felt completely out of character, and I wasn’t a big fan of Hope’s interactions with him, isn’t she just a very young teen at this point. It all just came off creepy to me.

    Also, I’m not a hater of Land. I’m not running out to buy his original art, but I’m not busting down his door with a pitchfork either, but the art during the conversation between Namor & Hope was just bad.

    I enjoyed Gillen’s Uncanny so much pre regenisis, but since the split this has not been doing it for me.

    • This was kind of a strange arc, didn’t care for it too much though I thought this issue wrapped it up nicely. Still do not like Land on this book at all, as spigeon mentioned above the scene with Hope and Namor was terrible and all of the female characters have the same face.

  7. Psylocke actually looks Japanese in one panel.

  8. So “Tabula Rasa” is finally over. Thank you, Lord! Greg Land’s art makes it so hard trying to find anything good in the writing; this arc was not enjoyable at all, and it had such great potential. I think the problem is a combination of the team roster, the art, and the vamping in preparation for “A vs. X”

    Please check my mini-review of issue #8 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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