• Dormammu’s machinations have pulled all of the UNCANNY X-MEN into the hellish dimension LIMBO!

• Can Magik match the evil demon’s lord’s sorcery? Is she even on the X-Men’s side anymore?

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Frazer Irving
Cover by Frazer Irving & Ronnie Del Carmen

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  1. This whole limbo thing isn’t doing it for me. I’m looking forward to this little arc’s end

    • As a big Magick and Irving fan, I’ve found this arc (and this art) a bit underwhelming. I really liked the first four issues of Bendis’s Uncanny and was expecting the Irving-drawn issues to be an upgrade, but so far they haven’t been. Irving’s art looks more weird and awkward than I’d like it to, almost like he’s a bit uncertain of himself except when he’s drawing the monsters, and the Limbo stuff as a whole seems… amorphous in a way that probably should be appropriate but isn’t all that enjoyable. The plot just feels a bit formless.

      STILL, it isn’t as though I’ve hated the last few issues, and I am sort of glad to hear that Irving will be back doing the art again a few issues from now. I guess Irving on X-stuff is something that might take a little getting used to, or maybe he’ll tweak his style some. Either way, I’m still optimistic about this. Just… hope it improves, because I think it should be able to.

    • With the first issue of this arc, Irving knocked my socks off, but since then the Limbo stuff has looked muddy and murky and the acting has felt awkward. I must say though that the art at the end of the story in the snow looked very good. I’m a big Limbo fan, Magik fan, but I agree with you Flapjaxx, this whole thing felt like an empty plot device. That said, in typical Bendis fashion, the ending dropped my jaw and redeemed the story, at least for now. I’m anxious to read all 3 issues together and see if it was better.

  2. I’m in for about the first dozen or so.

    After that, I’ll wait for the library to buy the trade.

  3. Loving the whole arc. It’s great seeing Magick take center stage and how the veterans are coping with their altered powers in a crisis scenario. I hope Goldball plays a pivotal role!

  4. Why doesn’t Triage just heal Emma, Scott, and Magneto? I figured thats why they got him.

  5. JML (@twitter.com/JoshMLabelle) says:

    Bendis is really into time travel right now, isn’t he?

  6. Spoilers

    Wow! All of limbo inside her? That’s… Crazy.

    Not going to lie, the art is starting to bug me. The faces are so weird looking.

  7. How does Dr. Strange keep track of who he’s meeting with. Like spiderman from one more day

  8. I’m glad the Limbo thing is over. Largely because Irving’s abstract style just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t hate it, it’s serviceable, but I don’t enjoy that style of art and it looks like Bachalo is coming back next issue which is great news. The story has still been strong but after a brilliant start, this arc in Limbo has relegated this to the number 2 X-book in my pile, behind Bendis’s other book All New, which is consistently amazing.

  9. I absolutely love Irving’s art, but yeah this Limbo arc was starting to drag on too long. Overall, though, I’m really enjoying this book and can’t wait to see what happens with Dr. Strange.

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