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When the X-Men left the militaristic alien Breakworld, its political structure was reduced to ashes. It didn’t stay that way forever. Now a warship is crossing the gulf of space, with a mission that will strike the lives of star-crossed lovers Colossus and Kitty Pryde with all the force of a meteor. Join them as they discover what the vessel them means for them, mutantkind and the rest of the Earth.


Part 1 (of 4).

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. So ready for this new creative team! Love that Breakworld is back!

  2. Gotta love a solicit that read’s like SWORD’s CNBC scroll.

  3. Ha ha, I was hoping Gillen could slip in some S.W.O.R.D. ideas that never came to fruition. Viva la Espada!

  4. been excited for this since Dodson gave me a few hints at NYCC, this should be good!

  5. Breakworld + the new creative team = the first issue of Uncanny I’ve bought in a long, long time!

  6. Kitty looks hot on that cover.

  7. I picked up 534.1 and liked it so I’m trying this. Let’s see if the .1 deal really works.

  8. Yesss no more Fraction. I’ve yet to read the .1.

  9. This issue could have been about the x-men having to hug a brigade of rubber duckies to death. It wouldn’t matter. As long as fraction is out this issue is a win!

  10. I am going to give this a try. The first x-men comic I ever read was the last .1 issue and I like it enough. This will be my first real step into the x-men world. I hope to understand what is going on.

  11. Does anybody know how I would go about getting a poster of this cover?

  12. Really liked the .1 issue. I wish it was an actual “new” creative team becuase it would add to the fresh change with Gillen as the writer. Not a HUGE Dodson fan and Land’s interiors are abhorable. Pacheco was awesome!  It’s going to be a rack-time decision….

  13. Just jumped back into the X-Verse with this and Force. Which is strange considering the last time I read X-Men was Whedon’s Astonishing. So this is kinda like a sequel for me. That made the transition really painless.

    I really liked this. Gillen’s got a good grip on the characters. He does a nice job of making this accessible, while also wasting no time whatsoever getting into the action. And I’ve always been a fan of Dodson but hadn’t seen him since Wonder Woman, so that was nice. Looking forward to next issue. 

  14. I’m excited about the new direction.  I did mine Dotson’s Wonder Woman but I just don’t like him doing the X-man give me Greg Land every week.

  15. @bloody no thank you. Land wreaks.

  16. The art was great, really fun issue. I look forward to reading this arc. The ending was a bit of an odd note to leave on, I could hear the record scrstching.

  17. Dodson’s art felt like a breath of fresh air

  18. Hey this wasn’t that bad. I really want the X-Men to be good again. Of course, I also want to mutants to go back to a growing population and for them to get the fuck off of that damn island.

  19. This didn’t make me want to slap the issue. That is a success. Dodsons are like the T&A McKelvies. Or vice versa.

  20. This was sorta reminiscent of some earlier Uncanny stuff, like the Peter and Kitty sitting on the cliff scene, and the outer space stuff by Jim Lee and Claremont, so not all that original.  Plus, the Breakworld saga was golden, feel like they shoulda just left that very much alone really. 

  21. Jumping on! = Fraction gone

  22. Ug. Whatever. You need a PhD in X-man History to know what’s happening. 

  23. This was a great issue. The best the X-Men has been since the great AXM run of Whedon.

  24. I was told this didn’t actually come out this wek.

  25. @Diabhol well.. its sunday now… so it came out “last” week. haha. But yea, i picked it up on wednesday the 13th. They must have been mistaken.

  26. Note: what is to follow is just one of those “pondering things a bit too much” comments

    In the scene with Colossus and Kitty and Namor, Kitty is thrown through the mechanical monster to disrupt it.  There is cool illustration of her suit smashing on one side and her flying out through the suit on the other side, having phased through the robot. The problem I just realized is that the suit is being employed to allow her to interract with the outside world since she is in a perpetually phased state and that would mean that to her the suit is solid or else she would be unable to wear it.  So doesn’t that mean that when the suit hit the robot, she wouldn’t pass through the suit but instead be flattened against the side of the robot?

    Yeah, yeah… I know… thinking about it too much.

  27. I’m jumping back on an X-book for the first time since Whedon’s run with this and the .1. I read up on the return of Kitty Pryde, but can someone explain to me why she needs a fishbowl around her head?  Google is not my friend today, apparently.

  28. @Swifty  Since returning to earth and being freed from the giant bullet, Kitty is in a permanently phased state, which I assume this arc is going to address/reverse.  She needs the suit/fishbowl to be able to interact with the world.  Reminds me of when Colossus was “peranently” in his steel form.

  29. @Habakkuk I assume when the suit smashed against the robot its ability to ‘hold’ Kitty broke and she phased right on through. Alternatively, she must also have some limited control over her phasing to keep herself from falling down into the center of the Earth when out of the suit. So she may be able to go from phased to really out of phase — which she could use to leave the suit — just not back to unphased. One assumes they fixed her suit again before the space trip popped up. Gillen directly said she does not eat right now, so ohasing seems to bring up all sorts of conservation of energy issues. Yeah for Comic Physics!

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