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If “Light #4” registered in Kiev, Ukraine, then why the heck isn’t he there? The X-Men race to find the latest of the new mutant activations while things come to a head between Emma Frost and her prisoner Sebastian Shaw! Part 4 (of Four)


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  1. This has been slow but interesting. I hope this gets a little more momentum in the next arc.

  2. I agree that it’s been slow, but i’ve enjoyed seeing the Xmen reach out.  They are really great at counseling.  It’s the rest that seems to get messed up.

  3. Last issue was all b-plot, no lead, I hope we can remedy that here with a strong lead story and touching on some of the minot plots.

  4. Please say Portacio’s only on for one arc!

  5. No!! Keep Portacio for as long as possible!!

  6. I want this book to stop underwhelming me. Post Messiah Complex I was pumped for the X books but since then it seems like the entire line has taken a downward turn.

  7. Land and Dodson will both be rotating with Portacio.

  8. How much longer with Fraction as the writer?  I’m hoping that Gillen eventually takes over once they start co-writing.  No clue if he’ll be better, but I can’t take Fraction on this book anymore

  9. I didn’t love Gillen on Thor but this seems like a good fit for him. Love to see him take this and see Fraction somehow take over Secret Avengers.

  10. This book is really testing my patience.

  11. I hate hope. Let’s do something else. AND GIVE NIGHTCRAWLER BACK!…

  12. Snoozefest! Time for Fraction to move on.

  13. Please let there be a new writer with a better story and an artist that makes my X-Men look stunning. I am not a fan of Hope and Rogue pulling together D’ list mutants that are not interesting. Let Hope dig into better situations than this Five Lights crap.

     I love Nightcrawler, but I think it’s better to keep him off dead so that his character will remain meaningful to mutantkind. Beast should be the one brought back to the X-Men instead of him playing Secret Avengers.

  14. "D-list mutants"? These are brand new characters, how the hell can they be D-list already?

  15. I agree, lets keep the X-Men in a box, not introduce any new characters or conflicts and keep reusing themes like they did in the late 90s when the X-Books (except Cable) were stagnant.


    Read your history.

  16. I haven’t read an X book I was exited about since Morrison’s run. They had awful writer after awful writer on both titles and then Ed Brubaker came and gave it a tiny adrenaline shot which they promptly lost at issue 500 and ever since it’s been like watching paint dry.

  17. I have always held a torch for the X-men comics, however this issue is pretty boring. I hope that the story begins to pick up pace so. Also, should I be worrying about continuity with the X-men main titles? I thought rogue was in India!

  18. Can we at least get rid of the x-club?  This book isn’t awful enough, now we have to read a madison jeffries/danger love story? 

  19. I like that the "5 Lights" story line seems to be contained solely within Uncanny, and now Generation Hope. In turn, I feel like I’m getting my X-men fill on two books only without having to read New Mutants, and Legacy.

    For the time being, I’m happy with Uncanny, Generation Hope, and Uncanny X-Force being my only x-books.


  20. Whyis it that the Uncanny X-men are the worst X-book going right now? Art that is between controversal and awful. Storylines that drag on with not a lot interesting happening. Characters repeatedly misused and misunderstood. Do they know I am physically incapable of dropping it? (because I own ~400 issues of it. I ain’t stopping now). I liked Gillen’s Thor and loved his SWORD, so I hope he gets the reins soon.

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