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“NATION X” There’s a rogue Predator X stalking mutants beneath New York City and it’s down to Wolverine and Fantomex to hunt it down. There’s an island in the San Francisco Bay that the mutants call home and it’s slowly sinking — and only King Namor can save the day. And meanwhile, in San Francisco, a supermob is making life hard in Chinatown…somebody call the X-Men! Part 6 (of 8)

WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Greg Land
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: Greg Land

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.3%


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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. That doesn’t look like a Greg Land cover to me. Unless he traced it from some Dodson art. 😐

  2. I just jumped back on this last issue after almost a year off the x-books completely and really enjoyed it. It was kind of low key but fun.

  3. Damn it Greg’s back

  4. Greg lands like that guy at a party who thinks he’s the coolest thing and the posures fawn over but everyone else stand

  5. You can tell its a Greg Land cover because you can’t see anyone’s legs below the knee.

  6. Looks like a Dodson Cover but who knows

  7. Yeah, that’s a Dodson cover, not Greg Land.

  8. If you zoom in to the water ripple just under Psylocke, it says "Dodsons"

    But we’re overlooking that the solicit might be right when it comes to pencils… And that is an awful, awful thing. 

  9. Ehh…. I enjoyed last issue, but it’s getting to a point where I feel it’s better if I just drop X-Men all together.

  10. I didn’t mind Land’s art on the last couple issues he did. Oh well.

  11. it’s weird because people say he just traces photos, but then I look at his art and see all this linework, and then I look at photos, and I don’t see lines like that.

  12. I’m only sticking with this because of Fantomex.

    Fraction’s Uncanny has not been delivering.

  13. I’m optimistic because liked the last issue (err, mostly because of the Dodson art, though).

  14. Tale a shot.

  15. Greg Land has the interiors.  Hope this story leads to something good. 

  16. @abidseyeview If you’re talking about this cover, it’s not Land’s art.

  17. I’m talking about Land’s art in general; I know this is a Dodson cover

  18. Dodson?  We’ve got Dodson here!

  19. If my retailer got new trades when they come out, I would switch to trade waiting on all x-titles.

  20. I thought this was a good issue. I’m wondering what Fraction’s doing with Magneto.

  21. @OnASunday-Hmm, I’m not sure if I want to spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that Marvel has not been quiet about what Magneto is doing. You can figure it out if you look at their past announcements.

    I really enjoyed this issue. Land’s inability to convey emotion hindered a lot of scenes, especially the one between Cyclops and Magneto, but overall I had a good time reading it. 

  22. Land’s art was actually tolerable in this book… until the conference room scene and then the issue fell apart artistically (back into Land’s normal tracing). This issue was actually pretty Strong, if I’m a little at a loss as to why Magneto is such a defeated man. Enjoyable. I’m rating this a 3/5 but it’s more like a 3.5

  23. @drakedangerz – I hate spoilers lol

  24. I’m so fucking sick of Utopia.  Fraction needs to go

  25. Magneto is defeated because Cyclops has become the the mutant leader that Magneto’s been trying and failing to be since 1966.

    Fraction is kicking ass on this book and the art is awesome. 🙂


  26. I swear to god fucking land used the same pose and model that he uses for Verre’s first panel for Madelyne Pryor just a few issues ago.  I look at his women anf they all look alike, just with different hair and skin tones.  Lame

  27. @diabhol So…. being constantly told he’s a terrible leader as well as having done really nothing to demonstrate his ability to lead is being a better leader that Magneto? Magneto, who seems to have his act together enough to go build a pillar and become the big savior for the events in the next two issues?  It just does not ring to the character. Magneto is a proud man. Here he seems like a down-on-his luck-guy trying to impress a pretty girl. "See Scott, I went and built a pillar! Love me!"

  28. @Diabhol-The art is not awesome. The art is lazy, lifeless and ugly.

  29. I’d have to agree on the art being pretty bad, especially because Dodson’s last few issues have been so good.  The poses and the smiles are really starting to get to me…

    I just wish we could get back to having a book about X-Men, instead of Dr. Nemesis, Namor, and the daily upkeep of an island. 

  30. so you skipped a lot of the pages in this issue?

  31. I’m talking about his run in general, which I think started out with a lot of promise.  Over the past year or so, it’s been awful.  I think Fraction is a good writer, but cleary the X-Men are not his thing.  I’m not sure that he gets the characters outside of the ones he’s brought in, and his version of Cyclops that he feels the need to bang over our heads every single month.  The relationships between individual characters that make the X-Men so beloved are gone, and have been replaced by random pairings and snappy one-up’ing dialogue from issue to issue.  Add in the monotony that is Utopia, and bad guys that are about as threatening as a manatee, and I’m sick of it.

    Kyle and Yost can’t come soon enough to save this book.

  32. i think fraction’s doing a pretty good job with uncanny, it’s no iron man, but it’s entertaining.

    i just must be the only person on here that likes land’s pencilling

  33. I don’t hate it nearly as much as most do

  34. I think it’s pretty good.  I’m enjoying the run.  Land wasn’t that bad at all.  I had the most fun with this all week.

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