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  1. out back to back weeks??

  2. Thank God, the dodsons.

  3. @Petro

    I think last week’s issue was actually late, and since this is a new artist (thank god) there was no reason to delay it as well.

  4. @petropeterson-It’s happened before with this run. One of the perks of having different artist on.

    Yay, Dodsons!

  5. well that’s cool then

  6. Yes. The Dodsons are back…. apparently mid-storyline! Last issue wasn’t that bad…. but I’m losing my patience with Uncanny.

  7. Sweet loved last issue but like everyone else hated the art so really excited for this one.

  8. Great another issue focusing on Emma & Scott.  That hasn’t been done in a…..wait a minute….

  9. Fraction has some serious faults, but this storyline is a step-up from Utopia. 

  10. @zattaric: HAH! Looking forward to this, though. I tend to like Fraction’s X-Men more when Emma, mental planes, and the Dodsons are heavily involved.

  11. I’d call that a good list to go by

  12. I like Land and Dodson, so I’m happier than all y’all to have back-to-back Uncanny. 🙂


  13. I dabble once in a while with current X-men.  Hoping I get something to latch onto.

  14. @flapjaxx Totally agree with you about the Dodsons.  I’m glad they’re back. 

  15. An okay issue with cool moments, but not as awesome as 517.

  16. Surprised by Dobson’s art. Never really been a fan, but the way he drew Cyclops is dope as hell. 

  17. This was okay. 3/5. Art and writing were a bit weird and seemed "off" in places, but overall things seemed on-track. 517 was completely mundane to me. This at least had the semblance of some innovation and character development. Best issue since 512, imo. If Fraction could consistently build off the the developments here and not get sidetracked, then I’d really like his run. Not that I hate it as it is, but…

  18. I really enjoyed it, best issue in a while

  19. Sometimes I think Fraction would be happier doinf an Emma Frost book, the way Bendis should be doing a Luke Cage book.

  20. This was an issue for strong character moments. Fraction finally seems to be getting the voice for Scott and Beast don pat. Xavier still feels off. And Magneto seems to be a shell of a man, but there’s some fun stuff here. This was the most I enjoyed the X-Men…. probably since 500. 3/5 for me. Great work by the Dodsons. It’s nice to see Psylocke actually drawn Asian! And I was really happy to see her old Butterfly-shaped energy signature back. 

  21. This was a good issue.  Really getting indepth with the character development.  I’m kind of getting tired of the story revolving around Scott and Emma though.  That’s gotta change really soon.

  22. good stuff.  I have loved just about every issue of Fraction’s run.  the main reason is that at the end of each issue, I am looking forward to what happens next.

  23. Just when I thought that we couldn’t get any worse than last issue, this happens. Once again this whole book creaks with clunky exposition and dialogue which sounds so wildly out of character that ruins what on paper should be a decent issue.

    Why the hell does Iceman suddenly sound like a Ninja Turtle, from the 80s cartoon? That interchange between him and Beast was cringeworthy. 

  24. @theswordisdrawn "Scott needs us to be dudes. And you’re not being a dude right now." 😉

  25. Yeah, that scene between Iceman and Beast almost felt like, because of the X-Men movies, Fraction had forgotten that Iceman is one of the seasoned veterans and not 16.

    …or from 1988.

    Other than that, I enjoyed this issue.  Maybe not as much as the last two, but despite Fraction’s horrible attempt at dialogue, his run’s making me become an X-Fan. 

  26. he’s still only in his late 20s, I say "dude" all the time.  people I know in their late 20s and early 30s still say "dude".  and if you read the actual dialogue, it doesn’t sound that bad.

  27. @ABirdseyeView-But dude, do you like, say dude all the time when trying to have a serious conversation with someone? Dude.

  28. @Abirdseyeview He’s only 2 years younger than Cyclops. And about 6 years younger than Beast and Angel. And Scott should be around 32-36… 😉 The issue was that "Dudeness" doesn’t mean anything to me. So saying that Beast needs to be a "dude" was like saying Beast needs to be more like a "raxicoricophallapitorious" to Scott. 


  29.  The current Marvel Universe exists 10-12 years since FF #1.  If Bobby was the youngest X-Man, he was 14-16 in X-Men #1.  That means Bobby is 28 or thereabouts.

     He’s saying "dude" objectively.  He says what Scott needs is for them to be "dudes".  This implies that Scott needs them to act like his friends.  He’s referring back to the days when they were the guys that would hang out together outside the mansion looking for chicks and such.  Beast was there with them at this time, and he would know exactly what Iceman is referring to.  Beast does have a non-intellectual side to him.

  30. That may be the intention but it doesn’t half sound unnatural. The whole scene is, like, totally bogus, dude… ;D


  31. I actually liked this issue quite a bit, best one in a little while.

  32. Yay!  Terry Dodson and a story that’s not up it’s own ass…

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