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Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land
Cover by Greg Land

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. “Art by Greg Land”

    …And I’m out! It was a great four issue run. Sorry Keiron…

    • I’m not going to argue for merits of Greg Land’s art, but I will just say that Gillen seems to learned how to USE Greg Land. I think he’s made the connection that if you can write scenes that feature actions that simply can’t be referenced for tracing, Land HAS to draw it himself. And when Land does draw it himself, he’s pretty solid. Some of the Juggernaut fight scenes in the Fear Itself arc made me double check the credits to see if Greg Land was the credited artist.

    • I, for one, will not participate in dumping on Greg Land when there’s a John Romita jr. out there. I don’t know if Greg’s simply not a nice guy, or what, but this idea that he photo references is the reason why he’s be vilified is unfair.

      Understandable that guys like Liefeld and Romita are considered very fan and fan-media friendly make them “good guys” in our book, but it doesn’t make them good artists when their art is horrible to look at because they’re “on-time” or they’re just underdeveloped as a matter of craft. Case in point: I’ve seen some pretty spectacular art by John Romita when he did Kick-ass and when he poured some time into The Eternals mini series several years ago. However, his day-to-day stuff seems to be more about padding his retirement than it is about pride.

      Greg Land’s stuff is phenomenal, crisp, even if all the girls have narrow hips, bombshell cleavage and generally smile the same way. I have faith that the guy’s art will mature and he’ll one day draw women a little more generously in terms of girth. I’ve seen his art mature in other ways and it’s very impressive.

      Funny, Romita’s women all look the same, too (when he’s racing for a paycheck), but they’re often so terribly rendered by him that they’re occasionally indistinguishable from men.

      On Liefeld. What can I say… Geez, I really like the guy, but c’mon — I pay money for these books. I can’t afford throwing money away for his brand of storytelling and art. None of it makes sense from just about any perspective.

      Let’s be fair… Bash equally, shall we?

  2. I dunno… a mid air kneel down and an inverted katana stab to a giant bat seems a little off. I dont mind Land all that much but some of his stuff just feels forced.

  3. Why Land, whyyyyy. Why is he married to Uncanny X-Men, the numbering changed isn’t that like a divorce?

  4. I was on board with the first arc, but I’m 100% agreed on the Greg Land art. I’m out too.

  5. I will admit that it has been years since I have read a comic with Greg Land art so I am interested to see how it reads when I get my next DCBS box.

  6. Well, I hope the dialogue’s in braille so I can close my eyes while I read. I kid.

  7. Solid issue. Fun to see all the fallout from UXF and surprisingly decent Greg Land art.

  8. Ok when did Namor start talking in the 3rd person? Sounded like The Rock and it was annoying. The rest of the issue was pretty damn good though. I have no problems with Land’s art at all.
    4 stars.

  9. It was nice to see Psylocke in a more prominent role in the book. I also enjoyed the ties to Uncanny X-Force. This book has grabbed my interest more now that we’re past the first arc and I really didn’t mind Land’s pencils as much as I normally do. There were some pretty bad poses but overall I enjoyed it.

  10. Story seems like it will be a real step up from the last arc, real good set up so far. And I had no problem at all with the art, I thought it was better then average at least.

  11. I feel as if I don’t hate Greg Land’s art as much as everyone else. I actually kinda like it. Admittedly, there are divergences in how some of the characters are drawn (Cyclops) as well as some awkward poses, but all in all I don’t think he’s bad. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy a book he drew, but I’m not going to run the other way screaming either.

  12. Wow, that art was shithouse

  13. what artist would you rate worse than land? lets have a site rating system for artists. a running tally. this should be easy to do. we can rate the weekly books. why not?

  14. I liled the issue. Greg land is okay but I can see why people don’t like him. There are much worse artists though, so I guess we should be thankful we can actually make out the characters????

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