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  1. I’m still wary about this…

  2. I like what I’ve been seeing so far. This latest story arch feels like a fun throwback to simpler times, before the fall of the mutants. We’ve just been through the masiah complex and witnessed the disbanding of the group. This arch is a welcome break from the darkness and militant oppression of the past few years. It can’t rain all the time.

  3. I really liked the art in this issue.  Great Wolverine sequences, in my opinion.

  4. i really liked this issue. by the by… is tat a varient cover because my store got a totally different one?

  5. Agreed, very solid issue.

     And this cover was actually the solicit to issue #199.  I’m guessing Marvel made the switch once they realized the Wolverine-in-chains cover was probably a little more applicable to the content in this one.  I’m guessing he doesn’t get held captive again next issue

  6. I liked how a bit of the backstory of the goddess’s origins in SF was told and was pretty surprised to see who the welcoming crew was.

    Would’ve liked the Scott/Emma cover more. 

  7. I had decided to drop this series but then omega red comes out of left field. I’m now wet in the pants.

  8. This whole story just seems too drawn out for me, like they could have done it in half the issues. I’m thinking filler to get up to #500 :p The whole SF thing doesn’t really interest me that much, the Wolverine/Nightcrawler/Colossus story is the only part I like, especially when they threw Omega Red in there. I think everyone is with me when I saw hell yeah!


    Course I could just still be sore after the fate of a certain astonishing member was leaked in uncanny a few months back >.> 

  9. You can’t be mad about Kitty being "leaked" a few issues ago in this book.  She didn’t make a single appearance in a 13 issue crossover, its been pretty obvious for a long time now that she wasn’t making it back from Whedon’s book

  10. Stupid question: who’s Omega Red?

  11. @ohcaroline – He was from the Jim Lee era, around X-Men #4-8.  Pretty cool villain, like everyone else, he has a long history with Wolverine

  12. I didn’t say mean I was mad about it, a little annoyed sure, kind of like giving yourself a bruise and then whining about it. I like to stupidly wish for happy endings in everything (I was brainwashed by Disney as a child) and I hate spoilers, no matter how obvious so I was a bit disappointed when that was casually dropped into the coversation.

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