• Hope is on the run for her life, but can she outrun destiny?

• What has Mr. Sinister been doing since UNCANNY X-MEN #3? And what has he been doing while the X-Men have been fighting the Avengers? Find out here!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Billy Tan
Cover by Adam Kubert

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  1. That cover really pops. Love it.

  2. This book sucks 🙁 I hope whoever replaces Gillen will do a better job with it and make it the flagship x-book again. (please be bendis please be bendis)

  3. Cyclops vs Parallax?

  4. Billy Tan on art? I’m okay with this! I don’t think Gillen’s been too terrible on this. I’ve liked his run MUCH more than Fraction’s and Brubaker’s.

    • His pre schism run was really sweet but post has been pretty terrible IMHO. Probably 3 of the most boring arcs i’ve read in a while. Not the start i was looking for from him or this franchise.

    • I agree with TheRealVenom. Pre-Schism, Gillen was the best Uncanny X-Men writing in years. Post Schism, another Marvel event, another ruined series.

    • I really dig the first arc of the new Uncanny. I like Gillen, and personally though I dig Powers I don’t think Bendis is a good fit for X-Men.

      That said, this book does feel like an optional companion piece to AvX right now, and while I’m digging the event it’s not the best use for this book.

  5. Piling up all of these AvX issues.

    I just finally started reading the Fear Itself stuff.

  6. Only Greg Land could make me happy to see Billy Tan on a book I’m reading.

  7. I really enjoyed Tan’s art on this but with the avx events nothing particularly special about the writing.

  8. Its a pet peeve of mine when the cover has nothing to do with the story on the inside of a comic. Also, I thought the dialogue in this was way off from previous issues. Between Land’s art and the wonky dialogue (I’ve never found Magneto so boring to listen too), I think I’m done

  9. Whatever is wrong with this title, it would not be fair to blame Gillen for it. Marvel is turning their series into perpetual tie-ins for the event of the season. And this “character” Unit? Lord, deliver me from this trainwreck.

    Please check my mini-review here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  10. new uniforms, now i have to read why the new look…

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