• The Avengers and X-Men take their battles world-wide.

• Return to Tabula Rasa!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land
Cover by Greg Land

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I better get my freaking Imperious Rex!
    Namor is such a badass.

  2. Last issue was bad. Never thought I would be looking forward to a return to Tabula Rasa.

  3. We already know the outcome from AVX VS. And The Thing beating Namor, let alone underwater is bullshit. This better be a rematch and not just the same lame-ass fight we already saw. I think I might be done with Uncanny after the AVX event.

    • I’m kind of on the reverse…what comes after AVX is mostly the only reason I’m hanging in there at this point. I haven’t been hating this book, but it’s getting harder and harder to justify spending $3.99 on it.

    • I had to subscribe to make picking up these mutant books feasible.

      It’s a great way to save half your money. Consider it.

  4. Some of the faces in this were horrible. Namor turning back around before walking through the portal is a prime example.

  5. Oof.

    Okay, I’ll admit that I know very little about She Hulk. There may be good reasons for the following items:

    –I’ve been trying to give Land the benefit of the doubt lately, but this issue features a nearly anorexic She-Hulk. Land has apparently just traced another fashion model for reference here.

    –And (as far as I know) this is the very same She-Hulk who was fighting an entirely different group of X-Men on the other side of the country in last week’s issue of Legacy…

    Now, I know it’s comics and both teams have access to super-sonic flight, and I get that juggling line-wide events is probably a nightmare, but this is the kind of thing they work hard to try and avoid, right?

    I like the scenes with Namor and Thing near the end, and the Savage’s reason for narrating is fun, but like I said above, it’s getting very hard to justify the price of this book.

    • Thank You… I was thinking the same thing. Didn’t Rogue just kick She-Hulk’s ass at the school. How many She-hulks do The Avengers have.

    • @KenOchalek did you read AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4? Well on the first page they show you the places everyone is at. She-hulk is no where. I found that kind of funny. Unless she is a ghost or some kind so mind trick. AvsX you have me thinking now. Hhhmmmmmmmm…..

    • @Mono0521: Yeah, I did notice that. AVX also left Boom Boom out from the (I think) Magneto/Domino team, but…well… it’s Boom Boom, so who cares, right? 😉

    • Boom Boom as well? Will have to look into that. Nice catch.

    • Add out of character to your list of complaints about She-Hulk. She’s usually pissed off and sarcastic. Why is she a ditz here?

  6. This was the worst issue of Uncanny X-Men i’ve ever read. Seriously, what happened to the way Hepzibah speaks? and seriously when did it get established that the only thing that Namor talks about is sex. First the creepy back and forth with Hope from a few issues ago and now this. Knock it off Gillen. I’ve never seen such a 180 from a creator. Pre-Schism I loved Gillen’s Uncanny, his post Uncanny work is garbage.

    Land’s artwork only adds to the creepiness of the Hepzibah/Namor scenes. They need to both be removed from this book.

  7. Uh oh … I picked this up on a whim, since I love Thing/Namor fights. But it sounds like this is a clunker issue…..

    • Yeah, you might as well not bother even reading it for yourself to make up your own mind and just go with what the nay-sayers here say instead.

      Personally I though this was a hilarious Namor/Thing fight. The perspective of the Apex character managed to give it something extra, hard as that is to believe with all the Namor/Thing fights there have been over the years.

    • I agree. I enjoyed the Sinister storyline but it’s been garbage since.

  8. The sexual inuendos were the best part of this issue everything else was just there. I was only intrested in the cheap laughs and the sexual inuendos and thats all that kept me reading. I did not know Namor was such a sexist, self-centered; cured!! I hate him and I like him!?


  9. This to me read just like a VS book.

  10. @nikbackm: Read my comments above. “Sounds like … ” in no way indicates I will not read this issue before making up my mind. I was commenting on the bad tidings this issue seems to have invoked here. I’m hoping the comic is a good one for me, and since I like The Thing a great deal, I probably will.

  11. … AND this issue has such a damn cool cover, too!

  12. Okay issue, IMO. Since I have no real exposure to this series beyond this issue, I probably am missing some details that would have helped me enjoy it more, but Marvel does a pretty good job filling in readers with their re-cap pages. I always appreciate Marvel for using them.

    I kind of liked Hepzibah, but know nothing about her, and always like a good Thing/Namor fight. This fight was pretty good. A bit sort, but good.

    I get what folk are saying about Land’s renditions, especially of women. She-Hulk did look a bit thin and had poses like a fashion model at times. But overall I liked the art a lot, especially the cover (as I said above).

    Not a great book, but not a total waste of its price, either.

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