• AvX Tie-In!

• Cyclops Leads The X-Men In To Their Toughest Battle Yet!

• Juggernaut-Powered Colossus Vs. The Red Hulk!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land
Colors by Guru eFX
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Greg Land & Guru eFX

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Okay, Colossus vs Red Hulk sure sounds like the kind of thing that you can’t lightbox, so I’m very interested to see how Land’s art looks on this issue. His work with Juggernaut during the Fear Itself arc last summer was pretty solid, so hopefully this story is in that vein.

  2. Gillen: Yay! Land: Well…

    Subscription Price? One, please.

  3. I dropped all the X titles except two. Now I am starting to hear I should come back….hmm debating….

    • I hope New Mutants is one of them.

      No though, I’m a huge Gillen fanboy but this series has only gotten worse since the re-launch.

    • Gillen is leaving this book soon. Rumor has it Bendis is taking over. Brain Wood will be taking over the regular X-men title as well.

    • Any rumor where Gillen is going next?

    • @TheRealVenom: Brian Wood taking over Adjectiveless X-Men is the ONLY part of your post that has been confirmed as true. All the rest is *entirely* speculative at this point and will probably remain that way until San Diego (now you’ve got me speculating, haha!).

      Personally, as curious as I’d be to see Bendis write the X-Men, I hope Gillen gets to stick around and and actually sail the ship without having to play second fiddle to a line-wide event. He’s doing a fine job given the circumstances, but I’d still like to see what he can do when he’s given a freer rein (like with JIM, presumably).

    • Well it’s like this @Ken. If enough people tell me i’m a tree, i’ll probably start to grow branches. lol I’ve just had MANY MANY people both at my LCS’s and online “in the biz” people tell me its a done deal. Bendis will be taking over the house of X.

      If it doesn’t happen you can be the very first to give me a big TOLD YOU SO! and i’ll take it like a man. 🙂

    • @TheRealVenom: Haha, yeah, I’m not saying the rumors will be wrong, but with the industry being as small as it is these days, rumors can have some real power.

      Because your post mixes fact (Wood on Adjectiveless), with rumor (Bendis on Uncanny), and rumor written as fact (Gillen is leaving Uncanny), it could create some confusion as to what’s actually true.

      Come clean, you’re working with the Avengers, aren’t you? You’re one of the people Scott’s press release is talking about, right? Admit it! ADMIT IT!

      That said, I’m really interested in discovering what the Post-AVX Marvel landscape looks like, both on the page and in the credits box!

  4. Juggernaut-powered Colossus already fought hammer-powered green Hulk during Fear Itself. I’m leaning Colossus for this one.

  5. Gillen’s whole run so far is not very memorable. I’ll give this one a shot but so far none of the tie in books have impressed me, most likely my last issue till this event is over.

  6. Gillen has flashes of brilliance on X-men and then stretches that don’t seem to do much or go anywhere. I don’t get any sense that he has a vision for the X-men like he clearly does for Loki (JIM is amazing). I keep hoping this will all gel together. His Fear Itself issues were surprisingly fun, so maybe the AvX will pull the same trick.

    • That’s exactly what I don’t get…JiM is so amazing and Uncanny just hasn’t grabbed me. I am gonna make an on the spot decision for the crossover issues, sadly he is saddled with that monkey on his back AKA Greg Land

    • I am in the camp that Greg Land has gotten definitely better/less trace-y in the past 6-12 months. But his faces for women… UG! They are all the same woman making the same orgasm face. God help you if he draws a blonde out of uniform. It could be almost anyone. If he worked on his female faces I think I might be able to read an issue of his without cringing.

  7. I have just started reading the trades for this title and they were pretty good and I will probably keep buying them to get caught up on this title. I like the premises over all of this series and I hope it stays this way fand does not waiver?! I am not sure I like this new Colossus/Juggernaut character mix, I am hoping this is going to end soon! Maybe the Phoenix will take care f whatever it is that happen to him to get him to this point.


    • OOoooppps…. I meant the Uncanny X-Force sorry, I had started picking this up at issue #1 with Woverine and the X-Men and this title got dropped around issue #5. So please ignore the last post, thanks.


  8. Hey guys, Greg Land’s only fan here! haha sad but probably true. This book wasn’t half bad! The are was really decent.

    Gillen seems to finally have snapped out of it a bit. The Namor monologue was out freakin standing and made me snicker and by the looks of things ill have my Imperious rex! next issue.

    • The Namor stuff was great! I hope we get a little more on his motivation for sticking with the X-Men. I buy his “go with the underdog” approach, but given his history with Captain America, I would think there’s a strong case for him supporting his former comrade.

  9. Terrible. Basically just a re-cap of AVX 1 and 2.

    • I think it did what a tie-in typically does — dance between the rain drops of the main series, fleshing out some details you wouldn’t otherwise glean from the A plot. And I think we got some strong character stuff from Namor and Colossus.

      And the recap page does say that this issue takes place during AVX 1 and 2.

      As much as I’ll admit that this issue is probably very hard to follow if you aren’t also reading AVX, I think the reverse situation is more difficult — if something big happens in this book (like the press release, perhaps), everyone reading the main event has a “Wait, what?” moment. Civil War and Secret Invasion were lousy with that kind of thing, and I think the collections of those events are not aging well as a result.

    • I started reading super hero comics with The New 52 so this is my first crossover. If this is what they’re all like, I can see why people hate them.

    • It’s not what they’re all like. The Night of The Owls “crossover” among the Bat-books is structured in an entirely different way, as is the recent Spider-man/Daredevil/Punisher “Omega Effect” and the upcoming New Mutants/Journey Into Mystery “Exiled.”

      AVX is in the vein of company-wide summer event crossovers where the plot of a main book (in this case “AVX”) spill over into the regular series of certain characters (the main X-books and Avengers books) along with some number of special mini-series and one-shots (like AVX: Versus). If you happened to like this kind of thing, see also Civil War, Secret Invasion, Fear Itself, Final Crisis, Blackest Night, etc.

      So far, I’m cool with AVX. Like I said above, this particular tie-in issue doesn’t do a good job of standing alone, but in a crossover with a lot of tie-ins, the quality can vary tremendously.

  10. A “radical turn” to explore every avenue that would ensure that mutants flourish and don’t go extinct? That’s been his MO for, like, the past 3-4 years.

  11. My POTW. Gillen’s run has been nothing short of fantastic. Sure, Wolverine & The X-Men deservedly gets a ton of fanfare due to its sitcom-like setting, but this title has been equally as great. It doesn’t have a gimmick like WATX, but Gillen expertly puts the characters into great dramatic situations, and gives the threats that face the X-Men his own flair that’s apparent in his stories. The absurdness of the big bad press release was classic Gillen, as for the last few pages it was treated as this nuclear device being unleashed , and the giant humorous reveal of this unspectacular looking piece of paper with a few lines of text was done with great dry wit. Classic stuff.

    • I’m not sure if its POTW material, but it was by far the best tie in I’ve read. Come to think of it I enjoyed this book much more than Avengers vs X-men # 2 and VS # 1. It’s kinda sad what are they doing over there @ marvel….

  12. “He shouldn’t make me angry. He has no idea what I am … I’m the Juggernaut, biiiitch! I’m ready to fuck! I been ready to fuck! You ever seen an outfit like mine?! My suit’s so tight!”

    I enjoyed this one. I like the rationale that Piotr stays in his steel form in an effort to combat the demonic cravings. Nice touch. The Namor monologue was great.

    Scott really is starting to sound like Magneto, and I think it’s a great idea. Adds a whole new layer to his character. Basically, he’s sick of it. And he’s starting to scare everyone around him. Hearing him talk like that is one thing, but when you realize that he feels the same way when we catch a glimpse of his inner monologue it can be downright chilling.

  13. This was okay. But okay ain’t worth 4 bucks.

  14. I was hanging on to the last 3 issues of Uncanny to read all at once. Wasn’t feeling the series at all and I just dropped it from my pull list at my LCS. Usually a good sign it is time to move on when you don’t feel motivated to read a book the day it comes out yes?

    Anyway – after the last two issues – I may be wrong. Other than WATX I can’t remember reading a more enjoyable X book

    Think I’ll stick with my decision though – I’m using the new wiggle room in my comic budget to start buying Journey Into Mystery and also get the upcoming New Mutants cross over stuff

  15. I picked this up only for the cross over so I would not miss anything, and well I would have missed the force fed battle of Red Hulk vs Collosus. I felt they just had to have this battle and they did, no ryhym or reason just wanted it and made.
    This whole Juggeraut/Collosus combo thing is really destroying two wonderful characters in my opinion.


  16. phoenix to dark phoenix, vampire jubilee, and now cytorrak colossus. or a bad guy becomes a good guy. its the struggle to stay good against the odds like colossus which i like about his character. but it could be the dark side that makes things interesting.

  17. I found this issue really well done, and as a tie-in to AvX its worked better than AvX: Versus I’d say.

    On the other hand, six months of Uncanny recapping and expanding on the events of AvX issues seems like a bit of a waste, but their hands are a bit tied with these characters knee deep in AvX. Namor/Thing (a fight from Versus) being on the cover of the next Uncanny issue isn’t a good sign, but hopefully they can do something unique with this book other these months.

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