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• The X-Men Vs. Unit, The Galactic Genocidal Fugitive!

• What Is Behind Unit’s Sinister Interest In Hope?

• Building Towards Avx!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Carlos Pacheco
Cover by Carlos Pacheco

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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. AvX tie in?

  2. You said Unit.

  3. Very happy to see The Unit! He was my favorite aspect from Gillen’s SWORD run, and his portrayal by Pacheco is damn impeccable. I seriously love this title.

  4. The X-Men vs. Flashdrive!!


  5. now this is what a fucking issue of Uncanny X-Men should feel like! Not a bunch of clever dialogue and bad art but a competent artist and just a good, character driven story. First issue in a long time of Uncanny I’ve loved.

  6. I redact my above comment. This was a great issue. I like Unit after this (despite his dumb name). Gillen writes some good X-Men.

  7. Just meh for me again…… I was gonna drop this but i hear Gillen is leaving and Bendis is taking over… May have to stick it out now.

    • The talk about who is writing this book after AVX is still pure speculation. I suppose there could be an announcement at C2E2 this weekend, but I don’t think we’ll know anything official until San Diego, after AVX has gotten further along.

  8. Horses for courses… I have really enjoyed the Gillen run I think he has fleshed out a lot of the story left over in Uncanny X-force and followed up on Astonishing X-men quite well. But each to their own

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