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• SHIELD has a new agent and she’s a fan favorite mutant…

• Cyclops loses full control of his powers on the streets of Los Angeles.

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Frazer Irving
Cover by Frazer Irving

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  1. oh god, emo Scott Summers after he loses control of his powers is the WORST

  2. Frazier Irving back on art 🙁

    He’s not a bad artist, I just don’t like his style as much as Bachalo.

  3. I don’t feel that Frazer Irving is the right artist for this series. I guess Bachalo isn’t either, but it strangely works with him on it. Irving was good for the limbo arc but for a mainstream superhero book like this, I don’t think he fits.

    • I’m also not crazy for Frazer Irving’s work on the book, but I’d argue against labelling it a mainstream superhero book. Sure, it’s called Uncanny X-Men, so 50 years of history weighs heavy, but we’re really not getting anything like a traditional superhero story (or even a traditional X-Men story) in this title.

      But in a larger sense, I’m really happy to see the definition of Super-Hero-Art-Style expand to include guys like Irving and Bachalo (even though I’ve liked Bachalo’s work since the early 90s).

    • Yeah, I appreciate Marvel trying to think outside the box or whatever, and usually I love Irving . . . but I didn’t like the first two of his three issues on this series so far, and those were helped by the Limbo setting. Whatever happens, though, even if it doesn’t work, it’ll certainly be interesting to take it all in. A few years ago, if someone said to be “Bendis + Uncanny X-Men + Frazer Irving”, I’d have thought it was a really weird mash-up. And it is. Unsure if it means great comics, though.

      As for Bachalo . . . Hasn’t he done more X-comic #1s than any other artist? He did Generation X #1, Wolverine & the X-Men #1, Uncanny X-Men (vol. 3) #1. And he’s had lengthy stints on X-Men and Uncanny X-Men before. To me, he’s the quintessential post-Jim Lee X-Men artist. I think he fits in fine here. He made all of these characters his a long time ago.

    • Bachalo draws awesome sentinels and the sentinels in issue 1 are what sold this book for me. Irving…I love his work, but not here (yet).

    • I must say Irving was awesome here. Expressions were on-point and I liked the coloring.

  4. Marvel is still sending me this, even though I canceled all my subscriptions.

    And they don’t seem to be charging me for it.

  5. It feels like the last issue came out last week. Good series, i’m still reading.

  6. I love this series, but Battle of the Atom is just the pickup/change of pace this book needs.

  7. I’ve consistently been umimpressed with the art on this title. That doesn’t look to change anytime soon.

  8. Not a fan of Irving on this book. He’s a great artist but he just doesn’t click with this title.

  9. I respect that Irving’s art may not jive well with everyone for an X-Book, but I for one love having him on board. I just love his style and think he draws some of the best facial expressions in the game.

    DC had a book called Xombie a couple of years ago that Frazier knocked out of the park nearly every issue. If you haven’t read or seen the title, I highly recommend it. Frazier’s best work in my humble opinion….

    It has nuns with guns!!

  10. I’d like to rescind my previous comments about Frazer Irving’s suitability for this book — this issue looked great! I particularly loved the flashback panel of Magneto fighting the original X-Men and the double page spread at the protest.

  11. I’m upset that yet again Bendis has spelled Dazzler’s name wrong, again. Blaire!!!

  12. Art was pretty disappointing in my opinion. I had been digging the Irving covers, but i’d don’t really like this interior.

  13. Probably one of my favorite issues. Feels like it keeps getting better. Ending has me stoked! I love that there’s a little mystery going on here and I think that’s a new kind of sentinel (?). Only bummer was the no brunette cuckoo (you guys gotta communicate and get the details right if you’re gonna rotate artists).

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