Collecting UNCANNY X-FORCE #1-3.

STORY BY Rick Remender
ART BY Jerome Opena

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.3%


  1. Is this the whole arc?

  2. no, the arc finished at #4.

  3. This is dumb!  The fourth issue was out 2 issues ago, so we’re past the jumping on point.  Why not add the fourth issue and call it a trade already?

  4. WHY NOT THE FOURTH!!!!!???? TYPO!!!!!?

  5. I guess their theory was that the fourth issue is still on most shelves. Still, I don’t get it.

  6. 3 issues for 5 bucks is still a better deal, but minus the final issue of the arc, this is pointless.  Its kinda like a micro-trade?  weird. Dc is too slow, Marvel is too fast. 

  7. Pointless? Heh, not for me. I purposely decided not to buy the first three issues at $4 each, so I can just spend $5 instead of $12. If I like 1-3 then I’ll buy issue 4 as a back issue for cover price.

    The eventual trade/HC will only collect 1-4 (plus some tangential Wolverine one-shot or somethin’). So why would I spend $25 on the collection, or $16 on the singles, when I can just spend $9 and get the same storyarc?

    This is great and Marvel should do more of it. More options = better. Some comics I can’t wait on and I buy every week as soon as they’re out. But some titles, like Uncanny X-Force, I can stand to wait a little bit on. This is an awesome deal for anyone to jump on. Issue 4 is still on the shelves, too.

  8. Yeah, I’m getting this.

  9. This is actually a very clever marketing stategy in that price wise/quicker exposure to the comic, it might make me change my mind about waiting for the trade. (I do like those marvel HCs though)

  10. so it seems like this is an experiment? are they doing this for more titles? i might wait on a lot more. 

  11. Might pick this up even though  I’m not a fan of the x-verse, and I hate Wolverine and Deadpool. Love the creative team, though.

  12. This is a fantastic book–the art is peerless–but not having the last issue of the arc is utterly insane.

  13. Great value! Reminds me of a few years ago when Marvel was printing the “Marvel Must Haves” that reprinted things like the first three issues of Astonishing X-Men, or three issues of the Avengers Disassembled arc plus a few pages of bonus materials (variant covers, typically) for about 5 bucks. I think it’s great!

  14. Definitely tempted.

  15. I picked this up on a last minute decision at the store.  I remember Marvel did this before with Hulk (the first 3 issues or so of Loeb’s run) and 1985.  

  16. This book is fantastic and 3 issues for five bucks is a damn steal.

  17. @GeeSpot  Strange, because I think it’s the best X-book on the shelves. Maybe you’re just bitter because Banshee is still dead. 

  18. Comment deleted.

  19. This was perfect for me as I missed the first three issues, and only had the fourth, plus it’s $4.99, how can you possiably complain about getting 3 issues for that cheap?!, personally I think Marvel is awesome for doing this

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