• The Apocalypse Twins, Part 1

• New regular artist Daniel Acuña joins just in time for Thor vs Apocalypse in the 11th Century! Wait until you see these two titans first meeting and first battle!

• The Avengers’ ancestors are being hunted and only a young Thor can save his future companions!

• And with Rama Tut and Kang pulling the strings, you know nothing good can come from any of it.

• The future begins in the past! This is it! The future of the all-new, all-different Uncanny Avengers begins here and the effects will reverberate across the Marvel Universe for years to come!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Daniel Acuña
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by John Cassaday & Laura Martin

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. After finally finishing Uncanny X-Force, I went out & bought #1-5 & fucking loved what I read. So this is definitely now on my pull list!

  2. The Daniel Acuna preview art looks absolutely beautiful, I am so excited to have him on as the regular artist.

  3. The cover alone is worthy of picking this book up.

  4. After the last issue this is the book I’m now most looking forward too, in a week when Batman, Thor:GoT, Hawkeye and Saga, four of my favourite books come out. Throw in Uncanny X-Men and Star Wars and this Wednesday is going to be epic. Plus it’s going put a bit of a dent in my wallet.

  5. “New regular artist Daniel Acuña … ”

    …and ANY hesitation I had about starting this title just went away.

  6. If this issue wows me I’ll carry on getting this, I really enjoyed the last issue so I’m hopeful

  7. Remender has such a great feel for the mythos of Apocalypse. Last issue had me hooked after reading the first couple of pages. Its too bad that this book took so long to come out between issues initially and never really built up any real momentum.

  8. If this issue continues the awesomeness of the last one it just might become my favorite comic!

  9. I’m really digging medieval, ax-wielding Thor.
    Remender has me enthralled and Acuna is easy on the eyes. A handful of these Marvel Now books are truly spectacular. Good job, Disney!

  10. I really think this is among the finest books out there right now, Marvel Now has such Great ones, Thor, All New X-Men, Journey into Mystery and of course this one, along with Batman, Transformers and Star Wars what a Great time to be a cómics fan. what do You guys think?

  11. This series had a somewhat rocky start, but I think it’s definitely on track now. Between the stellar roster, Remender, Apocalypse, and Acuna, there’s no reason on earth I shouldn’t expect great things.

  12. Cannot wait for this. Just re-read last couple of issues last night to get ready for awesomeness!

  13. Glad to hear people are digging this.

    Dropping as of #12, like most all of my Marvel NOW titles.

  14. Great issue in every department, truly loved it POW!

  15. The gap between Marvel and DC is getting beyond a joke now. Dropped pretty much everything by DC, apart from the Bat-books.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, apart from Vertigo (The Unwritten, upcoming titles Astro City & Brother Lono) I only get Batman Incorporated & once Morrison finishes that in July I’m off.
      I used to really love DC but these days the more I read or try just doesn’t work for me, I am one of those people that the New 52 has been just a huge flop for!

  16. I too read the whole 6 issues yesterday. My reaction is the same as when I was reading DCNu Justice League; hilarity, except the part where it all seems intentionally terrible.

    I would like to know who are these people who read Age of Apocalypse so they can explain Remender’s plots.

  17. The first arc was ok but I was honestly thinking of dropping this if issue 5 was just ok too. Issue 5 was awesome and this was just as good, the art was so much better and this feels more like the Remender that I know and love from uncanny x-force.

  18. I like Coipel more, but an excellent issue nonetheless. Looking forward to Daken as a Horseman.

  19. This issue started out promising but then it just kind of fizzled out for me.

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