• Red Skull is using his new powers to incite violence against mutants across the globe!

• Scarlet Witch and Rogue make a terrible discovery that will haunt them forever!

• The UNCANNY AVENGERS feel the full might of Red Skull’s S-Men.

Story by Rick Remender
Art by John Cassaday
Colors by Laura Martin
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by John Cassaday, Laura Martin, & Simone Bianchi

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I like John Cassaday, but I’m really excited for his issues to finish up so Coipel and Acuña can get this book back on a monthly schedule!

    • Yeah, a monthly schedule would be nice. 🙂

    • I agree! Rick Remender must be frustrated. He goes from pulling off 35 issues of Uncanny X-Force in 2 years to working with John Cassaday, who is good but can’t do a monthly book…

    • AGREED. Cassaday can do some incredible images, but come ON. It’s like Astonishing X-Men all over again. I’d like to see him stick to covers, or maybe work on special issues or something. The dude is a great artist, but not suited to hold up a regular monthly book.

  2. Ha.

  3. The second issue wasn’t really good and you could already see Cassaday lose steam. The delay killed the last bit of interest, with avengers and new avengers being really good, i will drop this now. even though i really like coipels work.

  4. I’m enjoying the relaxed pace compared to the 4 issues a month of every other Marvel now book. And considering it’s got the best writer, best artist and best story of the Avenger books, I’ll easily make that wait.

  5. I don’t think Cassady’s work is as strong as it was on Planetary or Astonishing X-Men. Certainly not worth the long wait in between issues. Looking forward to Coipel and Acuna, but when you get down to it — the story ain’t all that great…

  6. Really dig this series. Art, story…pace. I don’t mind waiting for books I like. There’s so much to read in the world, I loose track of how much time has passed unless it’s weekly to biweekly, which I’m not a fan of. Shoving things down my throat makes me gag. Gotta take your time to romance me. 😉

  7. Enjoyed issues #1 and 2, looking forward to #3. I really wish this comic came out in December but c’est le vie. I’m hoping the new artists can maintain a monthly schedule. I like Cassiday but his art in this comic isn’t really worth the long wait times (as it was in Astonishing X-Men).

  8. Delays are a bit annoying but it just means that I’ll go back and read issues 1 and 2 before reading the new one. Not the biggest deal ever.

  9. I read arcs as opposed to day-and-date, so the delay doesn’t bother me that much.

    Knowing that some other artists I really enjoy are coming along soon helps a lot, as well.

  10. Wow, this was well worth the wait for me, both on the art and story. So many great character moments and I like the non-traditional narration style Remender used for this one issue.

  11. It read like an old X-Men book by Chris Claremont. Exposition heavy. Can’t remember the previous 2 issues being like that. Still good though.

  12. Wow. This was heavy. I love heavy.

    The stakes are high, and the first bout goes to the villains. Skull and his creepy band of all new baddies (dripping with Remendery goodness) really handed the heroes’ asses to them. I don’t like all my superhero books this dark, but this definitely scratched that itch for me. I can’t wait to to read the next issue … in May.

    Good stuff.

  13. I’m kind of loving the delay of this book, it balances out the double and triple shipping of everything else. This issue was intense, and John Cassaday’s Thor is just badass.

  14. Wow this issue blew me away..
    The narration did not bother me one bit as Remender did an amazing issue here

  15. Cassaday was all over the place with this issue. The good parts were great though. This issue really got this ball rolling. Really excited about this now.

  16. And now with this is issue I’m all In, adding it to the pull list

  17. I’m in the minority here but the dialogue was TERRIBLE and felt extremely forced. I couldn’t tell if the entire team was mind controlled or not in any scene here. The bad guys stating their names and what their powers do before they attack? Give me a freaking break! This is not the Remender I got on Venom and UXF, consider this travesty dropped.

  18. The Claremont-ian captions were what really sold me on this issue. If he keeps writing this way, it will be my go-to “calssic-feel” marvel book

    • I agree – I don’t even remember the last time I read a book that had a “narrator” since everyone uses thought boxes now. I really enjoyed that part of it. Now everything else…was really just kind of boring. Art isn’t great either. Hoping Remender gets back to his UXF and Fear Agent heights!

    • It really feels like Remender is letting his bronze age freak flag fly on this book and over on Cap, too. I love the crazy he’s laying down in here. That’s how you know the stakes are high ‘cuz the wheels are flying off the cart and we could all die!

  19. So glad I gave this book a little time. I loved Cassaday’s previous work but this has been poor. I only picked this up as I’m a huge Remender fan but I wasn’t too impressed with the first two issues. this was worth it and it looks like it is going to turn out to be the book I hoped it would be. Cannot wait for coipel and acuna.

  20. Very cinematic but the narration felt a little uneven, the human deaths are shrugged off while even the smallest thing any hero/villain did was like moving a mountain.

    “Thor gets up and looks amazing, and he’s being mind-controlled by this dude who could sort of mind control by talking to you and–”

    “oh yeah, this human dude on a bike died and he wont know why….anyway, back to Thor”

    Still a good issue though, those final panels felt like the end of a TV show season finale.

  21. The narration boxes were a bit over the top in this issue. Was there even a third-person voice in the previous two issues? For me it just changed to tone too much. There were some great art moments, specially the stuff with Thor, but overall this offers nothing for me that Avengers proper doesn’t have.

  22. When Schmidt jumped on the cop car and screamed “wake up” with the psychedelic head rings in the background , I was reminded of when Jim Morrison would scream that and The Doors would begin the intro to “The End”. I found that theme played in my mind for the next few pages until The Captain’s shield met Jinn’s face. The imaginary musical accompaniment seemed appropriate. The Skull was even getting his drink on(anyone know what he was drinking?).
    The narrative is cool. The art is beautiful.
    The Red Skull is the perfect mutant nemesis.

  23. Remender and Cassaday are doing amazing work.. The issue was great on so many parts. I would say it is a 5 for the art, story, and overall comic touch. Remender is writing an amazing story. Well done

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