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  1. The devil on my shoulder says go buy the back issues, the angel says wait for the trade.  Any suggestions?


  2. At this point I think it’d be tough to track down those issues. I missed the boat on this one but I’m definitely picking up the trade.

  3. i’ve been on this book since issue one and i’m surprised just how much i’m really loving it.  once i got past the fact it’s written by a guy who wears a lot of makeup.  it’s mike mignola-esque without being a rip-off and it’s always a surprising read when i get it.  some really funny and interesting twists.  jump on board guys.

  4. I’ve bought every issue… and haven’t read a single one.  I’m not sure why.

  5. @JD:

    That’s a damn shame, man! The book is so good…

  6. Unfortunately this book does absolutely nothing for me. Im stuck buying the issues now though, since my LCS ordered them specifically for me.

  7. @Cylonpete:  I do plan on reading it! 

  8. Back issues are available locally, but kind of a mix review here.  I will hold off for the trade. 

  9. @JD: Glad to hear that. 😉

  10. You’ll be glad you did.  Fantastic art work and the story has been consistently surprising.

  11. Outstanding!

    But do we really want a sequel? I loved every page of this series and I want more but will another volume live up to Apocalypse Suite?




    Like they say…If Gerard Way is selling…I’m buying.


  13. Bought & read the whole series and as a whole I’d recommend it. It’s odd – it’s derivative of a ton of other things – Doom Patrol, X-men, Hellboy, the overall Vertigo vibe – yet somehow still seems fresh & original.  The art is great & the story has this X-men meets "A Series of Unfortunate Events" feel to it.  All that said, issue six was a pretty lackluster conclusion – it felt very paint-by-numbers in comparison to the 5 issues that preceded it. Kind of boring & predictanble actually.  Will I sign up for the next series?  Definitely. The concept is strong & the art is fantastic. Just come up with a better ending next time, Gerard, ‘kay?  No worries, Stephen King can’t write a good ending to save his life – you’ve got plenty of time to improve.


  14. @Josue: I can’t believe it. I just wanted to say that. Sir, you definitely stole my comment… *llol*

  15. Issue 6 was merely okay, but I loved the entire series nonetheless. I’m still trying to track doan rgar Free Comic Book Day issue, and I’ll definitely be onboard for the next series.

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