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  1. This was my favorite book for years. I’ll buy this issue cause I have all the other USM books. But I think this’ll be the last. 

    The synopsis says that this final book "reveals the true fate of Peter Parker." And seeing as how the synopsis for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 ask the question of who the new Spider-Man is, I think that this book will be my last, unless Peter Parker returns as Spider-Man. 

  2. I’ve dropped this too. That silent issue was the last straw for me. I just don’t care about the Ultimate Universe anymore.

  3. Finally it arrives!  Bad time to drop this comic kiddies, issue #1 out next week is where you need to make up your minds!  POW! POW!

  4. I liked the silent issue. And I want to see what happens to Peter Parker. I have to say that I am emotionally attached to this character. 

    But I am attached to Peter Parker, not Spider-Man. So a Spidey book without Peter is a book that I won’t be buying. 

  5. @KickAss:

    Issue #1 doesn’t come out till 12August2009. And if Peter isn’t Spidey, then I’m not buying it.  

  6. this is it for me i think. If its clone spider-girl/woman im out. I’m sure ultimatum will suck ass, so i would rather put the money towards a ton of other books that i will enjoy reading and not obligatingly get so i have the ‘big’ finish.

  7. I actually didn’t like the first issue of this.  Hopefully this book redeems it for me.  As for the new spidey in UC Spider Man, I welcome the change as long as the character isn’t annoying.  It’s like Kyle becoming GL, Bucky becoming Cap, Dick becoming Batman.  Don’t worry it won’t last that long Pete will be back and if you skip out you’ll probably miss some great stories.  I mean the design of Mysterio is fuckin awesome in the solicits.

  8. I’ve enjoyed USM since issue #1 so whatever happens is cool with me. Shame that the failure of Ultimatium has messed up the schedule – if I’m not mistaken – of the spotless record of USM.

  9. thats a nice cover.

  10. I loved the end of this issue. So happy that Peter isn’t dead!!!

  11. @supertrackermonkey  yeah me too, but something tells me that he’ll need a while to heal which is maybe the reason we have someone different in the spider-man suit for the first few issues of the new book. probably the clone taking over because something happens that requires spider-man but peter isn’t well enough to deal with it yet

  12. I didn’t want to spoil it, but I guess that’s been done already.  THANK GOD!!!  That last panel made me really, really, really happy.

  13. @magnum240

    Amen to that, man. I think the smile on my lip was about as wide as the delay between USM issues during this "Ultimatum" arc 🙂

  14. USM was the one book that I always picked up every month. Even when I was broke last Summer and had to get a bunch of loose change together just to buy it. Thank you Bendis for not letting Loeb kill off my favorite character!!!

  15. Just got done reading this issue.  Was this supposed to be the fight between Hulk and Spider-Man that Nick Fury referenced all the way back in the original Ultimates book?

  16. @ DorianP: This fight has been interpreted 3 different ways three different times (actually illustrated, not mentioned). Once in Ultimate Team-Ups, once in USM, and another here. 


    So I wonder if everyone will know the real identity of Spider-Man now that he has been found? There were firefighters and citizens all around when Cap and Iron Man discovered Peter’s body. I wonder if his identity will be made public now? 

  17. FUCKING YES! THANK GOD! They really had me believing Peter was dead! Well played gentlemen, well played.

    @supertrackmonkey: I’m sure that one of the Ultimates covered Peter’s face quickly enough, and I doubt that a few random people standing around would instantly know who he is just by seeing his face. It’s not like they picked up his wallet and saw his name, address and age.

  18. Perfect.

  19. Easily my POTW.  Fantatic issue, great bridge to the ‘second act’ so to speak.

  20. I was kinda let down by this.

  21. So what role will J. Jonah Jameson play in the new series? because he’s a completely different character now

  22. I was really disappointed by the ending of this issue. There have been about a million peter parker stories. The guy has his own weekly title for god’s sake. I was really looking forward to a exciting new direction for the title. Why they felt the need to have a requiem for him and act like they’d killed him off when they never really would is beyond me.

  23. Ultimate Spider-Man has had it’s really high points and really really low points. But this was a nice end to a pretty interesting volume. But Bendis always forgets his continuity with Spider-Man and Hulk’s other meeting.

  24. @Garret: I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way. This universe has suffered from lack of attention (not to mention the long wait) so I think it’s safe to say that this new status quo has reinvigorated me to reading onward for years to come. I blame JJJ’s tribute in this issue. It was so well written that I could literally *hear* the article he was writing in my head. The emotion in this comic just exuded into my brain and I got choked up the rest of the way. It’s definetly a 5 even though some of the pages resemble older issues.

  25. So so good! Washed the bitter taste of Ultimatum out of my mouth perfectly, I’m ready for another 10 year run on this brilliant book. For me USM has always been MY Spidey. When I dropped 616 before Civil War and never got back on when they did that sputid magic retcon, USM has always been there, with a pitch-perfect, consistent and upbeat Spidey every week. I love his monologues, his freak outs, his cute Jewish Bendis-isms, my comic collection wouldn’t be the same without it. 

    Roll on UCSM and LaFuente! 

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