• 2012’S Most Anticipated TV Show Is Now The Comic Book You Can’t Miss Out On!

• By Day, He’s Peter Parker, Mild-Mannered High School Student. But By Night, He’s The Ultimate In Super Heroics – Spider-Man! And He’s Just The Beginning Of A Super-Hero Universe…

• From The Minds Of The Men Behind The Hit TV Show!

Story by Man of Action & Dan Slott
Art by Ty Templeton & Nuno Plati
Letters by Joe Caramagna

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. I gave this a 5 because I gave it to my little cousin, and now Spider-Man is his favorite Super Hero. He say’s he still likes batman, but he’s second place to Spider-Man now. My Aunt called me that week and when he found out she had talked to me, he got mad because she hadn’t given him the phone so he could talk to me about Spider-Man! A lot of people gave this book a low score but you gotta realize there’s a younger audience out there who this is perfect for, and it made me feel like a pretty damn cool 27 year old. Can’t wait to feed this kid’s comic habit some more.

  2. I want a comic of all Marvel Mash-Up! And a 30 minute show!

    These books and shows are really fun – they show me how great Marvel can be (which has not been that often lately).

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