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  1. I’ve quite enjoyed this book.

  2. As have I. I’ve never been one for origin stories, but these have left me wanting more. Too bad its the last of the series.

  3. This whole series has been awesome and is proving to be a great lead-up to the Ultimatum story.  I am an Ultimate Universe Zombie and have collected the whole shot and have enjoyed almost everything.  Ultimate Nick Fury is super bad ass, hence Sam Jackson being chosen for the new marvel movies.

  4. i’m loving the art so much. what else has Guice done?

  5. Hmmm, kind of a disappointing ending to a quite good series I thought. Oh well.

  6. That just …ended.

    It was good up to then.

  7. This series was really great, Bendis answered a lot of questions and gave us new ones.


    If you look at all the questions that were answered in this mini-series;


             Who killed Peter Parker’s parents?

             Where did mutants come from?

             Where did Nick Fury come from?

             What happened between Charles Xavier and Magneto?

             And many more


    Plus set us up for the future of the ultimate universe, overall this series for me is a must read.

  8. @RoiVampire- He’s been around forever it seems, one of my favorites is Ruse he did at Crossgen, written by Mark Waid too, worth a look.

  9. I bristle at attempts to tie everything together with a convenient bow, and that’s what this series was created to do. Man created mutants? Bad enough that the Ultimateverse is already irrelevant, now they’re going to nuke it and somehow start over again? At what point was I supposed to be hooked by these character, the bulk of which are unlikable?

  10. @The Ultimate universe is irrelevant to whom, exactly?

  11. Agreed that book 4 would have been the stronger finale.  Book 5 was… a bit odd. 

  12. I guess the Ultimate universe is irrelevant in regards to the main, 616 continuity, but that’s it. I consider the Ultimate universe as very relevant. I think Ultimate Spiderman is better than Amazing Spiderman right now.

  13. i dint like the first issue very much. did it get better? is it worth picking up in trade?

  14. absolutely. although i agree that issue 4 would have been a more impactful ending, the whole point of this is to set up ultimatum, not to dig into peter parker’s infancy. it did seem to fizzle, but it has rekindled my interest in ultimatum (even though Loeb is writing it).

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