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  1. With a Hulked out cover like that, this can’t be another issue of nothing but talking, right? …. Right?

  2. lets hope not, although it has at least been interesting talking as i love the ultimate universe

  3. this was good stuff

  4. This WAS good stuff.  Very good in fact. 

    This could have huge implications for the best Ultimate U book….

  5. I only picked up this and Secret Invasion this week and it was my PotW.

  6. This was far better than it had any right to be. The sort of "oh all these characters all knew each other before and stuff happened but you just didn’t know it" thing usually bothers me, but this was done really well, and makes me want to check out some of the older Ultimate stuff to see if Bendis has really set any of it up…

  7. Ooooooooh.


    Trying to recall the old plotlines and see if I can remember how this all fits into continuity is kindof annoying, but I’m pretty sure it all checks out. This is going to make Ultimate Spidey really interesting come Ultimatum, when all this stuff will presumably work its way into the actual books.

  8. Yeah, this was great and this has been a pretty good week as far as i’m concerned.

  9. I know everyone loves Bendis and I might get stabbed in the heart for having this opinion, but this issue (& series) reminds why I’ve never been a fan — talk talk talk talk talk.  This is a superhero comic, not a tv soap.

    OK you can all throw stones at me now. 😛

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