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  1. Gabrielle Dell’Otto cover for me, please.

  2. *meh* this was just boring, but I’ll hang on for another issue.

  3. not to be a downer here but what did we learn this issue really?  how magneto asked xavier out on a lunch date? 

  4. Call me crazy but I really liked this issue. I’m a sucker for origin stories:)

  5. Just like a loud-mouth in a pub, this issue was all talk & no action.

    Yawn city.

  6. I agree with the observation that this issue had little action.  In that regard it’s typical of Bendis’ work – he prefers to tell the story about what happens before and after the fights and action, rather than focusing on the action itself.  If you doubt this, read Secret Invasion, Secret War, and House of M for proof.  With that said, I’m really enjoying both the mystery being built and the revelations being made in this series, and as a long-time reader of the Ultimate Universe titles this mini has served to rekindle my interest.  I’d reached a point where the only Ultimate title keeping my excitment month-after-month was Ultimate Spider-Man, but my interest in the broader Ultimate universe is being revitalized.  And Guice’s art, although far from perfect, has a nice feel for the story being told.  I’ve really apreciated this series and I’m looking forward to the last two issues.

  7. I really liked this issue actually. The Xavier/ Magneto relationship is very interesting as always. I agree about the lack of action but seeing how the story was playing out I think it would have felt forced to throw in an action sequence.

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