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  1. Only 5 months later since issue 4.

  2. Yeah! I’m gonna have to read the whole thing again. I don’t even remember if it was good or what ><

  3. I think I had forgotten this mini hadn’t already ended!

  4. I thought this ended… huh.

  5. I just checked and I haven’t read the 4th issue yet. Its still in my box at my comic shop along the other titles that I need to pick up, for sake of completing an arc. I’ll probably pick up 4 and 5 at the same time and read the whole thing.

  6. Can someone remind me what was going on in issue 4?

  7. Wasnt this a four part? I looked back and it says 4 of 4?

  8. I barely remember reading #4, but everything seemed to be wrapped up at the end. Then I saw the TO BE CONCLUDED at the bottom and thinking whaaaaaaa-???

  9. Yep–looked in my drawer today and found that while the 4th issue is labelled "Issue Four of Five," the first three were definitely labelled "Issue ___ of Four."  So weird.

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