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  1. Love the art in this one.

  2. And after two aswesome issues I remember why I dont usually like Ellis.

  3. Having a tough time getting through this one. If I cared that much about office politics, I’d be working harder, instead of reading my comics at work.

  4. This issue was good, I wish though that they would have told part of the back story over issue 2 and issue three so they could split between narrative and action.  I also have to say, I hate it when the cover of the issue has nothing to due with the issues.  I understand that this issue is called ultimate human, it shows two super humans in Stark and Banner but the issue is about Peter Wisdom.  What the heck, its so frustrating that even in a mini-series they can’t get their act together and put covers with issues that mack sense.


  5. i thought this was awesome. it really came around by the end. i can’t wait for issue 4.

  6. I appreciate the approach Ellis used in this issue, and how it tied together at the end, but it simply killed the narrative flow of the overall story, stopped it in its tracks.   

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