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  1. i can believe how much Kirham’s art had improved over, like two issues.  the end of the carey stuff i couldnt stand, but now his stuff is way better, almost closer to David Finch than a thrid rate marc silverstri.  just wish the story was better.  used to be UFF was one of my fav books, way back when it first started, up until the end of the Ellis stuff (my favorite of his mainstream, actully) but Mike Carey has just lost it on this book, and even Millar’s run was forgettable except for the zombie stuff.  This book really became the red headed bastard step chuld of the ultimate line, when it didnt need to be, and i m glad its getting put out of its misery

  2. last issue was really awesome though. made me wish the book wasn’t getting canceled now. UXM still needs to go though

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