• It’s Storm Makes A Desperate Last Stand Against Impossible Odds.

• The Battle Of Camp Angel Comes To A Brutal Climax.

• From The Rubble, A Nation Is Changed Forever.

Story by Nick Spencer
Art by Paco Medina & Juan Vlasco
Colors by Chris Sotomayor & Marte Gracia
Cover by Kaare Andrews

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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Anyone else liking this? Last month’s ending got me really excited for the next few issues.

  2. I’m definitely enjoying it quite a bit. I had checked out of the Ultimate universe for a while, so it took me a little while to really get into it and there was some stuff with Quicksilver in the middle that didn’t resonate with me, but the storylines focused on various X-Men have been pretty good. Basically one storyline has been following Kitty and the mutants with her (this one’s a little closer to standard X-stories, there’s a crazy religious guy who thinks mutants are the devil) and the other storyline has been following Jean and her team, which I find to be more complex and enjoyable. This most recent issue closed with a great change to the Ultimate Storm character (Spoiler Alert: If you’re a fan of the Paul Smith era Uncanny you’ll probably be pretty happy with the change), I’m really excited to see where it goes.

    I think ultimately it’s a moving series because when things go wrong in the regular Marvel U the characters are adults or the kids have adults around. In these series most of them have to watch out for themselves. I’d definitely check it out, especially if you’re a big X-Fan (and I’m pretty sure from previous comments that read quite a few of the books).

    • I meant to write @Ken there and reply to the original thread, sorry. I don’t think that will be a huge deal as I’m assuming that this thread won’t get overrun with comments and my response won’t seem confusing (unless I mention the pros and cons of digital versus print, then all bets are off).

    • Thanks! I’m definitely an X-Fan, and an Ultimate X-Fan as well. I read the original volume until around 2007 (when it got reeeeally rough). I’ll definitely make a point of getting the first trade of this volume sooner rather than later.

  3. I liked the first couple issues of this reboot. But I quickly got off track and into a bunch of stuff I wasn’t all too interested in. Didn’t think it was necessarily bad. Just not my thing.

  4. This issue was a bit mediocre. The Colossus bit at the end was of a shock tactic along the lines of Millar making Hulk cannibalistic or Loeb making everyone cannibalistic or the FF finding a universe full of zombie superheros… huh, there seems to be a theme running here…

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