• Kitty Pryde must save the world!

Story by Brian Wood
Art by Paco Medina, Reilly Brown, Juan Vlasco, & Terry Pallot
Colors by Marte Gracia
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Kaare Andrews & Jorge Molina

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Spencer’s run was a little disjointed in places too many story-lines & characters all trying to take centre-stage but for some reason I did really enjoy it, especially because of the randomness of the issue content.

    But now we have Brian Wood taking over & I’ve read that his first few months will cover the Kitty Pryde team & then later in the year Jean Grey with The People.

    So maybe a little consistency & a more definitive story, could be a more welcome change.

    • I REALLY want Marvel to up the page count in their Ultimate line. Considering they only print 3 books on a consistent basis, I don’t think it’s asking much – especially at the 3.99 price point. I’d even pay a dollar more if the page count went up so that the stories don’t have to be so compacted together. These stories feel like they want to be an “Image Comic/Dark Horse/Vertigo” Edgy version of the Marvel 616 but fall short because of the page count.

    • I know what you mean every issue feels rushed or strained on the writing teams on all the Ultimate lines, as if they have to cram as much story & dialogue in such a short page count, I will prevail a little longer especially to see this ‘Divided we fall’ event.

      Come on Marvel I’m not paying extra just for the digital download, a few more pages wouldn’t hurt?

  2. I dropped off around issue 7 or 8, and haven’t returned. I’m considering it, but it may be a trade read for me.

  3. Thank Christ Spencer is gone! A hugely over-rated writer who been weak on everything I’ve read from him.

    Really looking forward to Wood taking over. He’s been writing great stuff lately.

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