The return of Ultimate HULK! A vicious attack on Wolverine’s son from a vengeance-fueled Sabretooth sends our heroes straight to the Hulk for help! Find out as the series that Aint It Cool News calls “pretty damn awesome,” barrages towards its smashing conclusion, setting up enormous changes heading into Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn, only in Ultimate Comics X #5!

Story by
Jeph Loeb
Art by
Arthur Adams, Mark Roslan
Colors by
Peter Steigerwald
Letters by
Richard Starkings, Comicraft - Albert Deschesne
Cover by
Arthur Adams, Mark Roslan, Peter Steigerwald

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  1. Is this really coming out? My shop’s list is missing this.

  2. I hope this is worth the wait. This is the end of Ultimate comics for me, due to budgetary restraints. Maybe another issue or two, to finish this and UA vs. NU, but then I’m definitely done.

  3. I’m sure this’ll be worth the wait.  I’m going to read them all again.  It’s just so pretty!

  4. Art Adams!

  5. Hopefully Jeph Loeb can now focus on Avengers Three with Ed McGinnus, Batman: Hush 2 with Jim Lee and Spider-Man with J. Scott Campbell but i also hope this is NOT Jeph Loeb’s last Ultimate Marvel story

  6. As a man who originally condemned Jeph Loeb for all of his Ultimate universe work and thinking the man had no grasp on the universe he was stepping foot in, I find it totally amazing and a testament to him that this book totally turned me around on him.

    This is easily one of the best Ultimate universe books I’ve read with wonderful new plays on classic Marvel characters, which is what the whole Ultimate series set out to do with it’s original launch.

    Each wonderful self-contained story with a great cast of new and old characters alike . . . I absolutely LOVED this series.  I almost wish this would continue on and become an on-going, delays or not, simply because of how much I’ve enjoyed each and every issue.  This is my first exposure to Art Adams and it definitely won’t be my last.  The man packs so much personality and detail into every frame that it’s almost ridiculous that he even gets these issues done in any amount of time.

    Jeph Loeb may have washed away a lot of my faith in him with Ultimatum, but he sure rebuilt something way more beautiful with Ultimate X.

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