As a new kind of threat looms over the weakening empire, will Fury have something up his sleeve?

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Esad Ribic
Cover by Kaare Andrews

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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Could not be more excited about all the new DC comics and all these new Ultimate universe titles. It really is feeling like a bold new world of comics this month!

  2. Loving how this is and Hawkeye are so connected.

  3. I had chill bumps on my arms reading the last few pages of this. The first issue was good but this was amazing! Hickman FTW!

  4. The first issue had me. Hickman set up a great story, and Ribic’s art was great. Can’t wait for this!

  5. Wow, that was compressed storytelling at its finest

  6. Holy fucking shit. Holy. That was positively superb. Jesus.

  7. That was an amazing issue. A true “What The &#(! is going to happen next?” issue.

  8. this was way too nerdy for me. it was like reading a deep cut star trek novel or something

  9. I picked this up for me brother while he’s off at basic training. I’m not a huge Ultimates fan because they always have come across to me as just very violent, and solve every problem with a bullet to the head. This plot and develpoment of this threat was just stellar. Way to go Hickman.

  10. I decided to take a break in the DC #1 marathon and read this to clear my palate. I should have saved this for last, because EVERYTHING will suffer by comparison to this book. This was AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! BRILLIANT! And I’m a DC fan! I can only wonder what Fear Itself would have been like if Hickman had been at the helm. This is EPIC. READ IT!

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