• S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Been Taken Over But Where Does That Leave The Ultimates?

• As Nations Tumble, Could The U.S. Be Next To Fall?

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Esad Ribic
Colors by Dean White
Cover by Kaare Andrews

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  1. Go EVIL-REED!!!!!!!!

  2. Also I can’t stress this enough, SO GLAD ESAD RIBIC IS BACK ON ART!!!!!

  3. I just want to see UFF get back together. Obviously minus Richards… but I miss Sue and Ben and I’m not getting enough Johnny with him being in UXM now.

    They need to get a fourth member and start a new team! Oooh! Spider-Woman!

  4. HOLY SHIT! INSANE! Did that seriously just happen?!?!?! So hard not to go spoiler crazy with this book! 5/5 POTW!

    • I’m not getting it until friday, so no spoilers yet!


    • I’m like you with the disbelief at the final scene.

      There is a lot of turning it up to 11 every issue with this book.

      Gosh, a month is a long time when you’re waiting for the next issue.

    • All is not lost hombres ‘cuz the next issue is out on May 9th & I believe it’s a double-bubble next month, two issues!

      Also the new creative team of Humphries & Ross join the Don-God-Hickman!!!

      (P.S Please no spoiler comments not yet?)

    • @RileyArmpit32 what has Humphries & Ross done before, are they any good? I honestly have never heard of either of them and kind of scared to have this beautiful world Hickman has weaved put into the hands of two unknowns.

    • Sam Humphries currently scribes the John Carter: Gods Of Mars series at Marvel, also Fanboys Vs. Zombies & Higher Earth at BOOM!.
      The only thing I’ve actually read by him is a self-published mini-series called Sacrifice which is on about some guy getting sent back in time to the Aztec period, it’s kinda cool, bloody-violent & a bit trippy, but really hard to find.

      Luke Ross has been around quite awhile despite being in his early thirties, has done Samurai:Heaven & Earth for Dark Horse & the odd cover & bit of interior art for Spectacular Spider-Man & other random fill-ins for Marvel & DC. He’s quite good clean lines, I think he will be good replacement for Ribic (I hope).

    • WOW… Holy Shit pretty much covers it. Great 5/5

  5. When does Hickman sleep? Anyway, great issue, easily 5 out of 5. This is type of book that reminds me of why the Ultimate universe is still an intriguing concept.

  6. Got it & read it, this is the most awesome issue of the series to date, definitely my POTW!

  7. Sad Hickman is leaving. This book is on another level.

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