• New creative team! Rising talent Sam Humphries and superstar artist Luke Ross join writer Jonathan Hickman!

• It’s the beginning of a new era for the United States!

• How do Nick Fury and the Ultimates move forward in the aftermath of the People vs. the Children?

Story by Jonathan Hickman & Sam Humphries
Art by Luke Ross
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Price: $3.99
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  1. Last issue was good but a little slow of pace, hopefully this issue will give us a more exciting pen-ultimate end to Jonathan Hickmans run on The Ultimates!

  2. haha yet another terribly arbitrary cover from the Ultimate line

  3. It seems like a lot of my favorite books are changing writers/artists or ending. I hope this book continues to stay awesome once Hickman leaves.

  4. Sam’s definitely got some big shoes to fill. Nothing like a little pressure!

  5. Thank god this train-wreck run of Hickmans is almost finally over. Another $3.99 down the toilet.

    • I don’t understand, why get this if you’ve never liked Hickman on it?

    • Well if he’s anything like me (an avid fan of all things Ultimate), then he buys it for the title alone, lol. Hell, I’ve got copies of Ultimate Ironman I & II, The Ultimates 3, and Ultimatum. Sometimes being a super fan isn’t awesome but we do it anyway.

      Personally, I think Hickman has breathed some wonderful new life into The Ultimate line. After the Leob-tastrophe and Millar’s Ultimate Avenger’s, Hickman really took the team back to what it originally was. I’m just hoping to see that with everything that went down that Cap steps back in.

    • Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the Millar/Hitch Ultimates-run & liked the whole Ultimate Doomsday collection, but I’m not that much a completist to get anything Loeb has done mainly cuz I don’t really rate him.
      I do however get why some people may find this current series a bit long-winded with the story-line, but I do feel that this is by-no-means a 3 or 4 issue story-arc, since it all is related to Hickmans Ultimate Hawkeye mini-series & the Ultimate X-Men series as well.

      I read this issue today & felt that it was a much bigger improvement than the last issue, & hope that next months will give us a dramatic conclusion to Hickmans run that really sets things up for this Divided We Fall summer cross-over!
      (secretly I just want Reed Richards to become some tyrannical warlord who dominates the world, long live the city!)

  6. I really hope they bring the stories/plotlines of the Children and/or the People to a close.

    • I was reading a Brian Wood interview recently about his plans for Ultimate X-Men & he was stating about covering ‘The People’ & Zorn/Xorn near the end of the year in that series so I would assume that maybe The Children/People may be here to stay, I mean there concepts aren’t something that’s just going to disappear overnight!

  7. For the love of God, when will this story arc come to an end?

  8. Looks like the arc might be coming to a end. With a new Ultimates line in the works.

  9. i really wanted to see nick fury’s wackos in action.

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