• New creative team! Rising talent Sam Humphries and superstar artist Luke Ross join writer Jonathan Hickman!

• It’s the beginning of a new era for the United States!

• How do Nick Fury and the Ultimates move forward in the aftermath of the People vs. the Children?

Story by Sam Humphries & Jonathan Hickman
Art by Luke Ross
Colors by Matt Milla
Cover by Kaare Andrews

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  1. Is this the last Hickman issue of this book?

    • No two more, then it’s all Humphries!

    • I gonna be bummed when Hickman is off this. I’m gonna give Humphries a couple issues but honestly I need to drop a couple books and with the change this might be one I drop.

    • I really love the current set-up, & I will miss Hickmans immense writing abilities on this title but I love it way too much so I shall be a staying no matter what!

    • I might have to drop this book as well. I agree the set up is cool, but where is the pay off? We’re 10 issues in and the situation has barely changed. God I hope something actually happens soon

  2. Checked out preview art for this issue & all is well….gotta be the title I am most looking for this week, & with the climax in the previous issue, OH YEAH!!!!

    Remember team two issues this month, WOOOHOOOO!

  3. DDangelico DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    Hickman will be sorely missed when he’s gone–but I have a feeling that Humphries will do alright.

    I guess time will tell.

  4. After last issue I don’t think anything could stop me from getting this book!!!…..well unless Sam Humphries sucks…i guess that would stop me :/

  5. I’ve been reading up about this ‘Divided We Fall’ summer cross-over event in the Earth 1610 Universe, & I am quite intrigued about the whole Captain America return, but does anyone know much more about it?

  6. Another great issue, I think Humphries will be alright, his new series at BOOM! Higher Earth was good & with the supervision of Hickman for the next couple of issues I have faith!

    I liked Luke Ross’s art, he’s no Esad Ribic but a worthy sub.

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