• Guest starring CAPTAIN AMERICA

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by David Marquez
Cover by Jorge Molina & Adi Granov

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  1. cba 2 to get these divided we fall tie-ins.

  2. I like seeing Miles mix more with the other Ultimate heroes. Looking forward to this!

  3. After last issue’s amazing cliffhanger I really hope the story isn’t derailed by the crossover. But whatevs. Even if it is, I’m sure it’ll be great.

  4. been really enjoying this title.
    hope they don’t fuck it up for me with subpar,crossover bullshit that they like to pull. Fearitself almost killed me with the tie-ins(except JIM, i didn’t buy the rest) and it looks like AvX ain’t doin’ anyone favors, either. it’d be different if they were good. they’re just not.
    on the other hand, The Omega Effect was badass. short, sweet and beautiful. if they’re comin’ with their A-game with balls to the wall action and good storytelling, then awesome! if not, get the fuck outa here.

  5. What is this crossover? this is the only “ultimate” book I buy so I don’t know a lot about it.

  6. it’s one of those crossovers where they share the same banner but you dont have to read the other ultimate books to enjoy it or at least that’s how it was described in interviews with the writers

  7. This is such a great issue. Looks like Miles might be getting Peter’s web shooters. The crossover is nothing bad. Bendis keep up the great work.

  8. this was stupid.
    I don’t buy any other ultimate books so not only do i not know anything about this devided we call crossover, i couldn’t care any less about it.
    The first 8-10 pages made no sence, nothing was really explained. Marvel needs to shove all these crossovers up their ass.

    • You said you pick up Ultimate Comics Spider-Man ? Then you would know in the last issue that Miles got in a fight and killed his uncle. That was in the first 8-10 pages. I don’t see why you are lost.

    • Yeah, the crossover was barely in this issue. Just a few people commenting about “American Going Crazy.” Everything seemed pretty alright for a country gone mad, honestly.

  9. Miles cries, Judge stomps off, Spiderman fights some weak C-List villain. Im starting to notice a pattern here.

  10. aside from cheating me out of a page of storyline content, the crossover didn’t really effect the issue. storywise.
    it did, however, take up 2 pages with…(one being a recap page, so whatever)
    1) spidey’s origin and basically an advertisement for “Divided We Fall”.(once again, recap, so whatever)
    2) a map of the divided territories of the US concerning Divided We Fall’s opening premise(which did zero to advance this story)
    so i’m left with a 19, NINETEEN!, page story of spidey. this $3.99 cover priced book should provide 20 solid pages of spidey.
    aside from cutting this one page short, it was flawless.

    story 5
    art 5
    editorial .95 (POINT NINE-FIVE!)

  11. This title is good, but it’s not exactly doing anything for me. It’s standard Bendis, good dialogue, fairly easy plot to understand, but I feel I don’t exactly know Miles well enough. He hasn’t done much to prove he’s a worthy replacement. As for the art, I can see why people like Marquez, but I think I prefer Pichelli.

    • um … he’s a 13 year old kid who hasn’t yet had an opportunity to “prove” himself. One fun (for me) aspect of this story has been following how Bendis riffs on the original … and I hate to say this but Miles Morales is not necessarily an inaccurate representation of what life is like for a LOT of kids across the United States these … mixed race parentage, working/middle class parents struggling to pay bills, failing schools so he considers himself lucky to get into a decent charter, etc. etc.

      If you don’t feel you know him well enough then consider yourself privileged. The character’s trappings have seemed easily recognizable from my perspective. Getting to know him is what reading the book, for me, is all about.

  12. Fun. Not great. Like cupcake frosting.

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